Bronzer and its main properties

Bronzer is a cosmetic product that gives the skin a tanned look. Unlike cream bronzer, bronzer, generally does not have coloring properties. When applying it in a thin layer to the face or certain body parts you can get tanned skin tone, but this will only be an optical illusion. Bronzer is primarily a means of decorative cosmetics. Lightly paint the top layer of skin can only bronzers for Solarium.

The beauty of using this cosmetics is that it can and should be applied all over the face, but only on certain parts : forehead, nose, cheekbones, collarbone. If the shade of bronzer is too dark, I can slightly go broad brush over the entire surface of the face and neck, and then to focus on the more important parts.

Places that you should apply bronzer, not chosen by chance. This is the most protruding parts of the body, which, after exposure to the sun sunbathing first. Selectively applying bronzer, you can achieve a very attractive skin tone. With proper application of funds face will look very fresh, tanned, rested.

Apply bronzer on the face, you must use a big brush for powder. Before using it you need to clean the leather, wipe it with toner and cover with a light layer of powder. Concealer or Foundation in this case is not recommended, as the bronzer can lie on it with spots that will look very ugly.

Liquid detergent to make a face the shade of tan is best applied with a moistened sponge. The cream bronzers that are designed for tanning, enhance the tan and give the skin a Golden hue after the first visit to a beauty salon. Unlike bronzer, bronzer for Solarium washed away very quickly.

Choosing the right bronzer

Picking up the bronzer in the beauty shop, you need to focus on the quality, color, and basic characteristics. Should give preference to products of famous brands that have proven themselves to be extremely positive. How will fall the cosmetic product on the face will depend on the overall impression of makeup.

Line of bronzing products it is better to choose powder as it looks on the face and exposed parts of the body most natural. In addition, powder is a great choice for spring and summer season. As a rule, the skin at this time prone to fat, and the funds in the form of a cream can only underline this feature.

Bronzers for tanning must ensure the safety of the skin during sunbathing. This is possible thanks to the UV filters included in its composition. Modern manufacturers introduced UV filters and the composition of the decorative bronzing agents, as they are used mainly in the warm season. It is necessary to pay attention to when buying the product.

Makeup artists suggest to make a choice in favor of matte textures. Cosmetics with glitter can give a person is not very neat appearance, especially if the facial skin is oily. After applying a matte bronzer you can always focus on certain areas with the help of sparkling powder or a highlighter.