Green concealer is classified as a medium-correctors. It is an indispensable solution for problem skin. All because a cosmetic product cleverly disguises any imperfections. The green Foundation will be optimal in cases when you want to hide pimples, inflammation, blackheads and other defects.

Properties of green Foundation

Colored cream with corrective properties allow you to visually make the skin perfect. However, you need to use them with maximum care in order to obtain the desired result. Concealer the green tint is intended to remove the redness that occurs during allergies, vascular phenomena, rashes of various kinds.
It is not necessary to apply a green cream concealer in cold weather, the presence of the silicone interferes with the normal evaporation of moisture from the skin.

The main rule of applying green concealer is a good feather. Apply this means you can how to clean skin and over Foundation. Be sure to use a moisturizing base, so that the skin does not look tight.

Buy green cream against redness is necessary only in the checked store, it is advisable to make a choice in favor of professional cosmetics or in advance to consult with the makeup artist.

Green concealer: how to apply

The use of green cream makeup allows you to align the color of the skin, besides the powder and Foundation cream, used as a finishing funds last longer. The main ingredients for green correctors are pigment, silicone and moisturizing, other additives. It is thanks to the inclusion of silicone, the tool provides ease of application and durability of makeup.

Despite the fact that the green concealer looks very unusual and shade of the cosmetic product seems bright, on the face of it will not be much evident. Of course, if properly feather it and apply then powder blush.
Severe defects of the skin even the most expensive green concealer will not move, he is able to disguise only a small rash, spider or redness after prolonged sun exposure.

The cream shade of green should be applied all over the face, but only on the problem areas. There are products that contain nutrients and other nutrients for dry, sensitive or oily skin. Therefore, they can distribute without applying a day cream.