Excavation rats have another name - the water voles. Body length reaches 25 cm. They are very voracious and unpretentious in food. Their diet includes plant foods and animal. They eat roots, leaves, bark of trees, as well as frogs, mice and some insects. If the garden there are signs of rats, trampled flower beds, gnawed trees and roots, then we must declare war on them.
Earthen rat likes to eat not only vegetables but also flowers. Particular preference is given to a bed with saffron.

Ways of dealing with rats

The easiest way that do not require material investments, is to fill the rat hole with water. Then all the inhabitants will flee. But first, these mink still need to find. At the exit you can set traps to catch them surviving rats and for all to disarm.

You can use the vibropribor, which discourages excavation rats. For this purpose, suitable "Tornado TDO.01". Its buried in the ground. It is better to install several devices throughout the site for greater efficiency.

Animals-pest control

Those who keep a pet dog or cat, may not face such a problem. Pets are a great Piper. In this field have established themselves well fees. They smother their prey and then bury it in the ground. But not all animals caught rats, some of them at all I'm afraid.
Multiplies a rat three times a year, one litter can have up to 5 cubs. They begin an independent life within a month after birth.

Rat poison

If burrow excavation is rats in the barn, a way of flooding the holes will not fit. You can use rat poison. However, this method cannot be called safe. If the cat or dog will eat a rat that managed to eat poison, a lethal outcome is inevitable. And the poison must be hidden away. The owners themselves have to be careful, and in any case there is a half-eaten vegetables. The poison may act immediately, during this time, the rat will have time to manage for a while on the site. In this case, the vegetables will contain poison.

You can use ultrasonic generators high power: "Chiston-2", "Tornado-400". So the rats are unable to gnaw through the wire, scarers should be set at a certain height from the floor. Rats love to live under wood floors. The device can be set just under the floor below the ultrasonic repeller affect the habitat of rats.