Advice 1: How to get rid of rats excavation at the site

Uninvited guests in the form of rats in the garden will not be happy owners. They can eat an entire crop of beets and other root crops. You need time to notice and eliminate excavation of rats in the area.
How to get rid of rats excavation at the site
Excavation rats have another name - the water voles. Body length reaches 25 cm. They are very voracious and unpretentious in food. Their diet includes plant foods and animal. They eat roots, leaves, bark of trees, as well as frogs, mice and some insects. If the garden there are signs of rats, trampled flower beds, gnawed trees and roots, then we must declare war on them.
Earthen rat likes to eat not only vegetables but also flowers. Particular preference is given to a bed with saffron.

Ways of dealing with rats

The easiest way that do not require material investments, is to fill the rat hole with water. Then all the inhabitants will flee. But first, these mink still need to find. At the exit you can set traps to catch them surviving rats and for all to disarm.

You can use the vibropribor, which discourages excavation rats. For this purpose, suitable "Tornado TDO.01". Its buried in the ground. It is better to install several devices throughout the site for greater efficiency.

Animals-pest control

Those who keep a pet dog or cat, may not face such a problem. Pets are a great Piper. In this field have established themselves well fees. They smother their prey and then bury it in the ground. But not all animals caught rats, some of them at all I'm afraid.
Multiplies a rat three times a year, one litter can have up to 5 cubs. They begin an independent life within a month after birth.

Rat poison

If burrow excavation is rats in the barn, a way of flooding the holes will not fit. You can use rat poison. However, this method cannot be called safe. If the cat or dog will eat a rat that managed to eat poison, a lethal outcome is inevitable. And the poison must be hidden away. The owners themselves have to be careful, and in any case there is a half-eaten vegetables. The poison may act immediately, during this time, the rat will have time to manage for a while on the site. In this case, the vegetables will contain poison.

You can use ultrasonic generators high power: "Chiston-2", "Tornado-400". So the rats are unable to gnaw through the wire, scarers should be set at a certain height from the floor. Rats love to live under wood floors. The device can be set just under the floor below the ultrasonic repeller affect the habitat of rats.

Advice 2: How to deter rats

Rats are not only a potential source of infection, they are able at times to destroy a decent food supply. The greatest danger they pose to rural residents and those people who have a private country house. In order to deter or get rid of these unwanted fauna, there are many ways.
How to deter rats
The most common way to deter rats is to buy a cat. Yes, Yes... This is the most ancient and reliable method that's already proven for many thousands of years. Some members of the cat behave in relation to the rats is quite loyal, to put it mildly, I am lazy, so keep in mind that the cat must be breed of "rat-catchers".
No less effective means of rats is a trap. This method has certain drawbacks, as creatures can be much more than mousetraps in the house. Everything else, you yourself may accidentally fall into the trap. However, when the question of getting rid of rats and mice "becomes the edge, all good.
Buy some deadly poison from the rodent and apply their habitats. Today in specialized stores you can choose the right tool from the wide range. For example, you can choose "Goliath", which neutralizes the smell of dead animals. Smell-it eliminates but eliminates any threat of infection? That is another question.
Scare away the rats maybe scatter ashes in places where they are most often caught your eye. From this, the rats will be irritation on the feet, it is unlikely they will like it.
The best poison for obnoxious rodents can to prepare myself. To do this, mix one to one flour and gypsum. Then scatter the cooked mixture in the habitats of rats: burrows in the basement, etc. This tool will harden shortly after it will eat the unfortunate animal. This method may seem sadistic and sophisticated, but agree that the harm caused by rats can be much, much worse.
Effective in repelling rats are stems and seeds of the green hound. Scatter them in the right places. The smell of the plants really do not like pests, but not harm to you. Also in recent years become quite popular ultrasonic thingies that cause the rats to leave their permanent place of dwelling.
Keep in mind that poison can adversely impact other domestic animals. Protect them from the places where scattered deadly remedy.

Advice 3: How to determine the sex of a rat

Decorative rats are fairly cute creatures, but there is one problem - they too often give birth. If you want to avoid this, purchase onehollow rats. If you want offspring, you need to buy the female and the male, and within a short period of time you will be able to observe a happy family.
How to determine the sex of a rat
Gender in rats can be discerned as early as 4 days after their birth. But these kids usually do not sell because they eat mommy's milk. Remember that at this age you can make mistakes. If you want to distinguish between the pups by sex, it can be done only in comparison. While the rats still live with my mom, to take them in hand undesirable, as it may be confused by a strange smell, and she will refuse to feed their children.
Rats at the age of 2 weeks, you may notice that the males nipples are not visible when the females are still poorly covered with fur of the abdomen is clearly visible Breasts. But there are different cases, sometimes the males have well developed nipples, so that this method can be used only as an auxiliary.
Put the rat on the arm so that they could see the sex organs. In females the distance between the anus and the vagina less than males. Also in male-rats, you notice two dark spots, which are located almost at the tail, with age, they will start to increase.
Approximately 4 weeks from the date of birth of the males are clearly different from the opposite half. At this age, they have clearly differentiated the eggs to 2-3 months to reach large size. Genitals "strong" half located closer to the tail. Some people for this reason and do not want to buy males. Although it is noticed that they are calmer and females rarely bite.
If you can't discern gender by yourself, ask the seller to explain to you. Do not purchase differenthollow rats from the same litter, sooner or later there will be a mixture of blood and the light can appear the sick kids. If you want to buy for two rats, but one sex, it is better to buy females, men can fight in puberty. When you need one animal, then the best option is to purchase the male.

Advice 4: How to get rid of frogs at home

If your country house or cottage has a cellar, then you can face a situation when there appear frogs. These amphibians are innocuous enough, but many such neighborhood leads to panic. If you decided to get rid of frogs in the house, you will help comprehensive preventive measures.
How to get rid of frogs at home
You will need
  • - a mosquito net;
  • devices for heating the air in the room.
Inspect the house including the cellar and other utility rooms. You need to make sure that the frog is really settled in the home. Try to find the cause and the source of their appearance. Frogs often appear in those houses, close to which is situated a pond or other body of water. Also amphibians like the wetlands.
Eliminate indoor humidity. Cellar thoroughly dry and ventilate. Pre-remove from the premises of its contents. Removable wooden parts of the structure dry in the sun.
Fill in the gaps and holes, leaving only a ventilation. It is better to protect fine mesh, prevents the penetration of amphibians.
Take action to eliminate insects that like to feast on amphibians. Frogs prefer to be in those places where they find suitable food. They love caterpillars, butterflies, slugs, centipedes. Treat cellar or other business premises with a special compound to get rid of insects. This will eliminate one of the causes of the appearance of frogs.
Try to keep the door to the room closed. So you can create a barrier to the penetration of amphibians. Often ventilate areas of the house, trying to keep the air in it was always fresh. Install vents in the house and in the window of a special mosquito nets. Frogs such preventive measures are very good.
Do not use for breeding frogs of the chemical drugs intended for use against other pests, such as rats or snakes. Remember, these amphibians when they are living close to the house, bring many benefits to your household, destroying harmful insects. All you need is to take preventive measures to prevent occurrence of frogs in a residential building and outbuildings.
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