If you like the employee at work.

Show only your positive side and not only in his presence. In fact, and colleagues can put in a good word.

Do not go on weekdays, sullen and unhappy, believe me - no one likes it.

Highlight in conversations among colleagues of your chosen one – this will draw attention to you.

If you are already making plans for a joint future, the reciprocity of love then just need.

But we should not impose, people should feel sympathy for you.

Increasingly interested in his plans, perhaps you can work together to implement them, but as long as the other.

Little gifts, occasional compliments, assistance in trifling matters – will help to attract his attention to you.

Use these little tricks, but not to their own detriment. Never seek the favor of a man solely for the sake of victory, after all, love's a state of mind, needs to be a spark in the heart.

All people are looking for reciprocity with a certain person, but how to achieve it? The answer is really simple, you just need much love and elect the most sincere love, without deceit and benefits. And only in this case love will help you. After all, before the genuine sense, no one can resist.