The basis of kitchen furniture is the frame. Most manufacturers make it from chipboard. There is nothing wrong, because modern boards don't seem like a shapeless moisture from old chipboard. They handled a good means to prevent the penetration of moisture. This material is heavier than normal and has a higher density.
The facades of kitchen furniture are made of different materials. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, it is easier to choose a kit that will suit you. Very popular veneer all kinds of natural, synthetic and polymer (laminate and melamine).
When using natural wood, it is cut into thin layers and glued to the base. Synthetic veneer simulate not only wood, but other natural material. It is applied to the protective film that replaces the lacquer.
Melamine-coated fiberboard or particleboard, when not expected high mechanical loads. Laminate is much thicker and more durable, this materialom cover even countertops.
MDF is considered more suitable for furniture than particle Board. This material is dense and not susceptible to deformation. Well and the fact that in the production of MDF boards can be bent, giving them a nice rounded shape. Besides that the kitchen is made of MDF will cost you more than fifteen percent.
Of course, the natural solid wood is more expensive. But before you buy find out what wood the kit is made. Of the array can be made only the frames of doors and panels allowed wood laminate or veneer.
If the doors are completely wooden, they are too sensitive to humidity and temperature. Solid wood furniture will be very costly procedure of impregnation with antiseptics and a special varnish.
Good materialom for furniture is a multiplex. It is thin layers of wood of different species, glued in all directions. Thus the resistance to penetration of moisture and deformation.
Very popular dishes of metal. Cabinet doors are made from anodized aluminum. But this furniture is quite expensive, although looks very stylish and impressive. Of high-strength glass making shelves and doors. Furniture glass can withstand considerable weight, and even strokes.
In addition to these materials use of natural, artificial and synthetic stones for countertops. Granite is very resistant to wear and durable, not susceptible to food acid. Marble and travertine, heat-resistant, but their porous structure absorbs stains.
Crystal, Corian, Varicor and others are synthetic stones. They are not inferior to natural analogues, and often surpass them. More other popular Corian – a material based on acrylic resin, pigment and mineral filler. It is non-toxic and has good heat and wear resistance.