You will need
  • - list of furniture companies;
  • designer;
  • plan meals in your apartment.
Decide the budget that you are willing to spend on ordering food. Companies operate in different price segments: economy, business, premium. Matters used in the manufacture of furniture materials and accessories, the originality of the design.
Clarify for yourself why you need a kitchen. Decide what indicators of headset are you willing to sacrifice, and for what pay in any case. For example, a large family requires maximum functionality and ergonomics. A single man or business woman would prefer to stuff the kitchen appliances that facilitate cooking. And those who do not like the process of making write head in the corner can deliver exceptionally beautiful.
Select a style, which will be filled with furniture. Usually, we are talking about classic, country, modern or hi-tech. For the latter two styles also relevant to the choice of color, and for the first shade of a tree. The kitchen can be decorated in single colours and in various combinations of selected flowers.
Talk to the designers of several companies in the desired price range. Select furniture company by phone: ask to identify the price range for the kitchen of the desired size. If your budget falls in this range, make an appointment with the designer. Usually, consultation of a specialist is free as project. You will be offered one or more variants of arrangement of furniture, according to your wishes and plan meals in your apartment.
Select the material from which is made kitchen furniture: solid chipboard, MDF, glass, chrome. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In this case low cost does not always mean fragility. It is here that we must apply the insights you have made during the first two steps.
Do not forget to specify information about the applied hardware and additional parts. For example, can be indispensable handrails, railings or shelves to store bottles. Check with your designer and ask for the calculation of the cost of each option. Make the final choice.