Advice 1: How to convince a girl not to leave

Mutual love is of great value, worth every effort to save. If your girls have the desire to break your relationship, but you feel that you care about her, and still hoping for a joint happy future, try to convince the lady.
How to convince a girl not to leave

The conversation

Ask what was the reason for such a desire in the girls. Often partners try not to do each other's comments for details, but this dissatisfaction accumulate and can eventually lead to rupture. How to know if your lady is tired every morning to contemplate the open tube of toothpaste, wipe circles from coffee mugs on the coffee table or to hear you sing a false voice in his heart the same song. At first glance, such things should not lead to separation, but if they cause irritation for months, in the end, unpleasant emotions find an outlet in the form of a large argument and thoughts on the termination of the relationship. But this situation is easy to find out – just get used to clean up after themselves and sing in the shower when you are alone in the apartment.

Of course, the reasons for leaving may be more serious. Maybe your beloved wants you to be more responsible, more assertive, got an active lifestyle and loved her cat. You should decide whether you are ready to change for a girl, or you will be more comfortable to find the one, which you will need it. If you choose the first option – please let us know your spouse, ask her to give you a chance, and fulfill his promise.

Return to the honeymoon period

As a rule, the beginning of a relationship is a wonderful time when lovers every free minute I try to spend with each other, make surprises and give gifts. Then the relationship becomes more relaxed, the flowers and pleasant surprises occur less frequently. But they should not disappear. If your life together has become routine, and she is ready to go in search of a new relationship, show her that you're still romantic. Give her flowers, surprise her, show new places. It stir the dying feelings.


The reason for the gap could be that the girl really serious relationship, and you don't do this crucial step. However, if you want to keep your love, you will have to decide. Not necessarily immediately give the coveted ring, but make it clear to your mate that you want to continue to be there for her. Often talk about your joint plans for the future, suggest to move in together, make joint purchases, adopt a pet, share your thoughts on how many children you would like to have. When the girl realize that you do not regard your novel as a short-term relationship, she will come back to you.

Advice 2: How to convince a girl

The famous American psychologist Dale Carnegie wrote: "there's only one way to encourage someone to do something... And he is to cause another person to want to do it. Remember — there is no other way". So if you want your girl entered according to your desire, learn it wisely to persuade.
How to convince a girl
First of all, stop the fight, if such arose from the collision of your opinions. Insisting on your opinion, you give birth to a perfectly natural desire to contradict.
The hatchet can be easily changed for the peace pipe after the phrases: "Honey, of course, the problems should be solved, but not at this price: I've missed your smile. Come on I just forget about everything and take a walk in the Park, going to the movies, to friends, play bowling." Will fit any pleasant joint pastime. The strongest like the Council put the fight in sex.
Take time out, don't start talking about a sore subject. On the contrary, try to set the girl in a romantic mood. Be gentle and caring, show all the qualities that a girl loves you.
Gradually, without touching the subject of the dispute directly, create the illusion that you are ready to agree with her opinion. Verbalize the idea that the situations are different, but the important thing for your couple to stay together and to look to one side.
Contrive a situation which would have clearly shown the girl the correctness of your point of view. Important: should be random, occurring regardless of your will. Sore subject at this stage with the girl still do not discuss.For example, if the essence of the conflict that you want to go look at the Olympic construction in Sochi, and the girl wants to Turkey, and casually drop in on a friends who just had a nice rest in Sochi and exude enthusiasm from the trip.
At this stage it is important to play the role of a man who stepped on the throat of his song and lost the girl because of the strong love for her. For example, after hearing the enthusiasm of friends about Sochi, breathe that with a girl you really, really want to visit in our South, but "here this year, something like that does not work, maybe next time..."
After a girl is quite impressed with the examples demonstrating the advantages of your point of view, and you feel that it varies or is even inclined to your opinion, start a direct conversation on the subject. Invite her to speak, be attentive and understanding. Agree with the girls, but hint at her selfishness: "the Main thing is that you were well..."
Like any trick of manipulation, it is impossible to call this way of persuading honest with the girl, so to use it or not – you decide. However, the method is very effective: if your feelings are not indifferent to the girl, she will concede and this will be sure that it was her own decision.

Advice 3: How to convince a girl that you love her

Love the guy sometimes can be in such a situation: the girl does not believe in the sincerity of his feelings! Well, or "only" doubts that a little better. The guy is confused, bewildered, not knowing how to convince a girlthat he really loves her. However, he is afraid to seem ridiculous, Intrusive. How it is better to act?
How to convince a girl that you love her
Much depends on the character, temperament, habits of girls. Feel free to talk about their feelings. Even if a loss or embarrassment, the words come out not the most eloquent - nothing! Importantly, they were sincere. Remember that 99% of girls are willing to endlessly listen to the assurance that they are the best, beautiful, good, desirable. This is the case when the "porridge oil will not spoil".
Do not forget the proverb: "words – words and deeds – deeds". Even small signs of attention given to the girl in front of her to open the door, shake hands, leaving the bus or tram, to present a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, to cook for her a tasty dish), operate properly.
If you convince the girl that she for you the best and favorite then all your previous novels have to be "a mystery". In any case, not to speak about the girls I loved before! Well, if such a conversation started (on her initiative), be sure to reassure, and as convincingly as possible that it is much better!
Feel free to make plans for a joint future life, albeit in the form of assumptions. Since even the most independent she realizes that she needs to get married and have children. Therefore, any fan she instinctively considers in this respect: will he be a good husband and father? Your words will help to convince him of the seriousness.
Although it is not the old days, but the desire of the guy to meet the parents of girls also serves as a good proof of the sincerity of his feelings. So be sure at the first opportunity, ask the girl to introduce you to them. Well, try, of course, to make a good impression on them.

Advice 4: If people change for love?

Not every person is ready to change himself for the sake of a loved one, but it doesn't mean that his feelings are not strong enough. In a relationship you always have to compromise, otherwise they will not have a future.
If people change for love?

Is it worth to change?

True love works wonders, it inspires and makes hearts beat in unison. People sacrifice principles, breaking stereotypes, if only to preserve a sense of light. Is it worth to change for love? The answer is ambiguous, it all depends on the requirements of the second half.

If a loved one wrongly makes to throw a favorite thing, or radically change the attitude to the world is, of course, can cause internal protest and become a barrier in relationships. But comments close on style clothing, bad habits, and manners of behavior can even be very relevant.
In a relationship there can be no losers and winners, partners should be able to give and to meet each other.

Can anyone change?

Not every person is ready to make concessions for the second half. It all depends on temperament, attitude and, of course, the strength of the feelings. It happens that mentally a person is ready to get rid of their weaknesses, for example, to quit drinking or Smoking, but the physical addiction is stronger. In this case, the outcome of his efforts depends on the support of loved ones.

When it comes to renouncing a certain model of behavior, the situation is a little more complicated. Girl trying to make avid slut homemade goody two-shoes, you may be unpleasantly surprised by his reaction. Sometimes people want to be loved and appreciated for who they are, and there is nothing wrong. This is a private matter.
Ask the second half to change only if this has a positive impact on the relationship and be a plus for a loved one.

It is not necessary to demand the impossible

Before you force a loved one to change, you need to weigh the pros and cons, and you think well, will not affect whether it is his dignity. For example, a girl who is dissatisfied with the figure of a man, not supposed to criticize him in the company of friends, because nobody forced her to date him. She may gently suggest along to go to the gym if it's really important for her.

Do not ask the impossible favorite, work is unlikely to become a millionaire, and office worker – athlete. We should think about before you start a relationship, so you do not have endlessly to change something. Loving person usually notices in the second half of more positive qualities than negative. But if the partner is always dissatisfied with something, it is worth considering whether you really need that kind of relationship. Indeed, change itself need not for the sake of love and for the benefit of her!
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