The conversation

Ask what was the reason for such a desire in the girls. Often partners try not to do each other's comments for details, but this dissatisfaction accumulate and can eventually lead to rupture. How to know if your lady is tired every morning to contemplate the open tube of toothpaste, wipe circles from coffee mugs on the coffee table or to hear you sing a false voice in his heart the same song. At first glance, such things should not lead to separation, but if they cause irritation for months, in the end, unpleasant emotions find an outlet in the form of a large argument and thoughts on the termination of the relationship. But this situation is easy to find out – just get used to clean up after themselves and sing in the shower when you are alone in the apartment.

Of course, the reasons for leaving may be more serious. Maybe your beloved wants you to be more responsible, more assertive, got an active lifestyle and loved her cat. You should decide whether you are ready to change for a girl, or you will be more comfortable to find the one, which you will need it. If you choose the first option – please let us know your spouse, ask her to give you a chance, and fulfill his promise.

Return to the honeymoon period

As a rule, the beginning of a relationship is a wonderful time when lovers every free minute I try to spend with each other, make surprises and give gifts. Then the relationship becomes more relaxed, the flowers and pleasant surprises occur less frequently. But they should not disappear. If your life together has become routine, and she is ready to go in search of a new relationship, show her that you're still romantic. Give her flowers, surprise her, show new places. It stir the dying feelings.


The reason for the gap could be that the girl really serious relationship, and you don't do this crucial step. However, if you want to keep your love, you will have to decide. Not necessarily immediately give the coveted ring, but make it clear to your mate that you want to continue to be there for her. Often talk about your joint plans for the future, suggest to move in together, make joint purchases, adopt a pet, share your thoughts on how many children you would like to have. When the girl realize that you do not regard your novel as a short-term relationship, she will come back to you.