Advice 1: How to sew a men's scarf

A neck scarf can bring to a man of elegant negligence, the solemnity and classical rigor. This accessory requires certain knowledge. To not look tacky, need to distinguish types of scarves and its components; it is useful to learn some of the features of the dress code and to follow the fashion trends. To sew a men's necktie can own hands, and with a little skill can do it easily.

How to sew a men's scarf
You will need
  • - working fabric;
  • centimeter;
  • pattern;
  • - interlining;
  • - iron
  • - remnant;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - tailor scissors;
  • thread;
  • - pins;
  • needle.
Choose the right fabric for neckerchief. Be sure to try a piece to the touch – it should be pleasant to wear, and it is well to give the drape. Traditionally, this accessory is sewn from natural silk; or synthetic or delicate blended fabric.
Choose the colors of the working fabric, depending on the kind of neckerchief. If you are going to perform a foulard (it is also called a "free tie"), it is appropriate to print and bright colors. Ascot and plastron is usually plain, more strict style of performance. Plastron for the groom's suit is recommended to be done in a single tone with the bridesmaid's dress.
Take the foulard in the form of narrow strips of fabric which can in the width of about 10 cm, and in length from 80 cm to meters (to be able to drape a accessory around the neck). The all details make a triangle. Plastron and Ascot draw a similar, but wider. Leave the edges of the allowances to 1 cm.
Produce cut muffler first adhesive interlining, then transfer the pattern on the main fabric and the lining priutyuzhte.
Draw a pointed remnant dotted line to cut on the working cloth he should definitely be on the bias line (the angle of 45 degrees). If you are using silk or other fabric with a slippery surface, when you run a pattern, secure the piece with pins.
Run two identical parts cut and make a neat cut. It is recommended to silk cut tailoring scissors zigzag to the edge formed Terry.
Store details neckerchief "face" to each other, nadsekite allowances on the corners and run the connecting seam, leaving one end of the unbound products.
Form in the middle of the muffler horizontal pleats and secure them using the iron and a few hand stitches. It is necessary that an elegant accessory does not protrude from under the collar and always neatly looked.
Without a certain skill to turn stefanny men handkerchief pretty hard. Try to do this with a thick long thread and needle. Secure the thread with a couple of stitches on the triangular end of things and pull it through the scarf until the thing will not turn over there.
Useful advice
You can make the scarf thinner, without the nonwoven fabric and even in a single layer. To do this, simply find the product and cover the edges with overlock.

Advice 2 : How to sew a neck scarf

Beautiful, exclusive thing does not have to be expensive. On the contrary, it may cost you a cheap price. For example, a necktie can make your own, and besides the fact that it will cost you much less purchase, this thing for you will be invaluable.
How to sew a neck scarf
You will need
  • fabric
  • - threads,
  • - sharp scissors
  • - a sewing machine.
Neckerchief - a seemingly ordinary thing, however, it can become an iconic accessory. If you have lost hope to find a suitable option in the stores, you know that sometimes your hands can create a masterpiece that will not only delight you for years to come, but will be one of a kind.
Even if you never sewed and have not picked up a needle and thread, to create a neckerchief under the force to you. It all starts with the fabric choice. Probably in your head already formed the image of the thing that you want to. Then you only need to find a suitable color and texture of the material. Today's fabric stores offer a huge assortment and affordable prices. An even greater selection of products available on the Internet. After a suitable fabric was found and bought in the right quantity, you can go to work. You will need the right color thread, sharp scissors and a sewing machine (you can borrow from friends or parents).
Neckerchief is an ordinary piece of cloth, which can have the size from 40X40 up to 90X90. It is important that he had the form of a geometrically regular square. Buying a fabric, remember that 1 cm on each edge will go to the ACC.
Lay the fabric on a flat surface and mark the desired size. On dark fabric you can put a mark with chalk or a dry piece of soap, and light with a pencil. Then carefully cut out.
At each end mark in one inch, tuck the fabric and keen. If the fabric will fray, you can bend the edge not once, but twice, hiding the cutting line inside. During the processing of the edge on the sewing machine, the fabric can slide. But if its pre-baste, in the end you get the same edge on all sides. After the processing of the edge will appreciate the beauty of the seam and if you are satisfied, remove the basting and try on your finished scarf.
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