The best assistant of Windows Movie Maker

To overlay music on a video you can use most video editors. Among them the most popular among beginners only mastering video editing, and professionals has the Windows Movie Maker application. Advantages of the program are its accessibility, as it is part of the standard build of the Windows operating system, easy to operate, convenient and intuitive interface and versatility. With Windows Movie Maker to make your own clip easily, and you use the "AutoMovie editing" process video workshops coming almost to a few clicks of the mouse.
In Windows Movie Maker when creating the music of the film at the same time can add photos and videos from the computer and grab them directly from the camera.

To start working with the program, run the application. On the left side of the working window in the menu "Operation film" in the first section, "video Recording" look to the "Import video, Import pictures, Import music". Add the desired files to the project, then drag them to the multimedia storyboard. To add music to a video file, switch the scale type from the storyboard to the timeline. However, when you drag ringtones the program may automatically switch to the desired mode, what will immediately alert window.
If necessary, you can trim the music by moving the slider to the left or to add more audio files.

In the project, add any necessary transitions, video effects, and titles and credits. Then in the preview window (it is located in the right part of the working "table" program) rate the end result and proceed to record the finished film.

Not just Nero

Not less easily superimposed voice-over background music in one of the application programs Nero - Nero Vision or Nero Vision Xtra (later versions). To make a musical movie with Nero, start the application in the main menu under "Video" select "Create a disc") or its application (in some cases it can be installed separately). Then in the right pane of the working window, select "Create movie" and navigate to the new page. Here you will need to add a photo or video, if necessary, they can be combined, the music and transfer it to the timeline storyboard. In the program there are tips, accompanying virtually every step, so the difficulties in mastering it should arise.

Photo DVD Maker Professional

Photo DVD Maker Professional is another tool with which to clip from photos, you can add music. Thus you can choose as a theme song as part of songs cut out using the built-in audio editor, and the entire tune. The duration of frames will be installed automatically. You will only need to press the "Sync" button. The finished movie can be recorded on disk, save in a format for viewing on portable devices and posting on his page on the social network for viewing online.