But in addition to photographs, the collection often includes videos of the same events. Many of us know how to shoot video with a camcorder or mobile phone, but do not possess all the skills of the Directors. So these movies are interesting only to a narrow circle of persons, who are familiar as the theme of the story, and the protagonists in it.

In such a situation, you can use the program from Windows called Windows Movie Maker. You can use it to compose, or even to orchestrate a movie, taking as a basis a collection of photos and videos.

Run the program by clicking start, then All programs and select Windows Movie Maker. In the opened window, the program prompts the user with a standard uncut set to create a "masterwork": recording a new video, a subsequent frame-by-frame mounting (with the addition of various effects and titles) to record the finished movie to a CD-ROM or hard disk of the computer.

Since the collection of materials for movies is already there, you can move on to importing them into the program for installation. For this you must activate the command "Import video" or "Import pictures". After selecting the videos, for example, New year celebrations, click OK and they will appear on the screen in the form of frames. To insert music to video correctly, you need the first frame to put on the playback of a music file. To do this, activate the command "Import audio or music".

The selected audio will appear in the main window of the program. Beneath this window is a visual display of the storyboard created movie. Drag with the mouse the desired music file in the beginning. For example, the first scene of the New year celebration, you can choose a music file of the corresponding subject, which placed as the first frame. Then go video - or photographic materials, but when you start playback first will play the selected music, and at the same time it will start displaying images.

But one and the same music should play throughout the whole video. Therefore, in order to insert the music in the video correctly, you must indicate on the storyboard, the time interval of the sound file. For example, a Christmas tune should end before the beginning of the dialogue, the acting person – the head of the firm or invited Toastmasters. On the time line can be seen, when the reproduction of speech – specify the stop time of the audio file for a few seconds before.

The following personnel do the same. In the video matching the topic of my presentation sound files, specify the time interval and the stop time playback. Thus, it is possible to mount a lot of videos that you can impress your friends and acquaintances and to feel like a filmmaker.