Find out all the details of the Internet

If you are badly familiar with the Internet environment and ask for help from friends to perform a particular operation, it's time to learn the subtleties of networking. Purchase books on HTML and the Internet, visit educational sites. Set up accounts in all known social networks, and carefully study their work. You should always be ready to easily navigate the functions of various societies, news, resources, hosting, etc. Ability to work in the Internet environment is needed for quick promotion of your projects. If the solution to any problems you rely on others for help, the result your work may be not what you expect.


What will make you popular?

The popularity of the Internet cannot be abstract, users can learn you only in certain cases. Think through what you want to become in the life of a person. Perhaps you want to draw people's attention on the self, you have unusual, unique skills, do you have any interesting Hobbies etc. In this case, all your work will focus on the advertising itself. If you are friendly people, able to communicate with people to recharge their energy and to create an atmosphere of fun may popularity you will be able to bring any entertainment blog.

Success stories

Learn the secrets of the popularity of others. Let's see what gimmicks and tricks they use, how and by what means they increase your own audience. Very often such people can be found on YouTube, here they always post their own videos or video blogs are news. Also pay attention to social network users, maintenance of thematic communities on such resources is one of the most common ways to gain popularity. Another very common method of self – promotion- blogs. Read the blogs of the most famous representatives of this activity on the Internet. Learn what and how they write, read comments to their articles, find out what people think about them and what they were waiting for their readers.

Be prepared to work hard

To become popular on the Internet, you need to exert some effort. Be prepared to spend several hours a day. In addition, the stagnation in this case – an unacceptable phenomenon. Your fans will always be waiting for something new, for example, new articles, new videos, etc. You have to constantly generate new content at the same time, in no case do not overdo it by rewriting the work of others, so you will only lose your audience. If you really want popularity, you need to always be connected, don't ignore your readers try to answer their questions. Get a forum, chat, get means of individual communication, such as e-mail or skype etc.