The easiest way to do video on the subject that attracts you. First, you will know that is interesting to your target audience. Secondly, you will not lose the incentive to produce new movies. Third, you will be able to submit a really important and necessary information. For promotion and profit is really important. However, not all subjects you will be able to earn really big money.

Commercial themes

You need to understand that the profits one gets from clicks on ads that Google places on the pages of your video. The most expensive clicks have on commercial subjects (in buying or selling something, services, etc.). Of course, to find interested spectators in this case is much harder, however, these costs pay off.

Let's say the average click is entertainment themes is about 3-5 cents, and the business can reach several dollars. Of course, to gather an audience in the first case is much simpler, but the total profit is usually smaller. However, there are always exceptions. To consider the profitability by using Google Adwords.

There are some topics that gather a huge amount of traffic. Creating such a video, you provide yourself a large number of views which can provide good passive income.

Now popular topics

One of the most popular games. And no matter whether you're shooting any passage, lecture or make lists of the best. It is important to attract the potential audience. Clicks in these areas are your medium and target audience is very large. The main disadvantage of the topic – a lot of competition. Channels that inform users about the games very, very much.

Another popular theme is the films and everything connected with them. First, it can be various reviews and reviews. Many users first look for information from experienced videobloggers, and then decide whether to go to the cinema. Second, a variety of interesting facts, opinions, or critiques. Because movies and series are now produced a lot, and the audience is interested, this theme is great to create profitable YouTube channel.

Also, now at the peak of popularity are normal blogs. Users relieve themselves on camera and talk about their thoughts, Hobbies, business or just talking with other users. The main advantage here is the coverage of topics, that is, you do not need to limit. The main disadvantage – it is difficult to gather a target audience. You must be a very interesting person to gather many views.

The last item is entertainment. Funny reviews, funny videos, or interesting facts. In General, all that will interesting different people and that will pass a few tens of minutes of free time.