Crab sticks have long been a popular and familiar ingredient for cooking a variety of salads and appetizers. But in spite of all the well-known classic recipes, adding pineapple creates a completely new flavor combination. Salads with pineapple exotic, look beautiful and are well absorbed by the body.

Layered salad

To prepare this festive layered salad you will need:

- Bank of canned pineapple
- crab sticks 150 g
- eggs 3 PCs.
potatoes - 2 PCs.
- cheese 150 gr
- garlic 2-3 cloves
- mayonnaise

Potatoes and eggs need to be boiled and cut into cubes. Cheese to grate on a coarse grater. Crab sticks thawed and finely chop. With pineapple, drain the syrup and squeeze them garlic and mix. Now all the ingredients are laid out in layers in a salad bowl and each layer promazyvayut mayonnaise. First layer potatoes, then boiled eggs, then pineapple with garlic, they are crab sticks on top and all sprinkled with cheese. This salad can be decorated with rings of pineapple in the middle which put the black olives.

Crab salad with pineapple, garlic and cheese

Of shrimp and pineapple, you can prepare a simple salad dish, depending on cooking method, this can be a salad or sandwich mass, which can be used for sandwiches or for stuffing eggs. The list of required ingredients is quite simple. You will need a pack of crab sticks, a jar of pineapple, cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. Salad all the ingredients are cut in small cubes and dressed with garlic and mayonnaise.

Method of preparation of sandwich mass is slightly different. For her, all products are rubbed on a fine grater and mix with mayonnaise to a paste. If pasta is planned to stuffed eggs, we added to these are boiled egg yolks.

Salad with crab sticks, pineapple and onion

- crab sticks
- boiled eggs
- pineapples
- mayonnaise

This salad is laid out in a salad bowl layers, each promazyvaya mayonnaise. The first layer are finely cut crab sticks. They are laid in grated grated egg whites. Now unfolds finely chopped onion scalded with boiling water, then layer pineapple, grated cheese and top with lettuce, sprinkle with egg yolks. Can decorate with olives, lemon slices or pineapple rings.