Belching is the uncontrollable release of air or gas in the oral cavity from the stomach, which may be accompanied by vomiting. The number of rejects stomach of the food may be different.

Belching in breastfed baby

The main cause of burping an infant – excessive air from entering the stomach. This occurs during feeding. With the fluid the baby swallows air, which then causes discomfort. The body itself gets rid of it via regurgitation of food.

However, there are moments that should alert parents. If, for example, the burp appears several times in a day, you should pay attention to the feeding process. Breast or bottle the baby should tightly capture my lips. Otherwise, improper feeding, regurgitation, and burping will occur frequently, and the child may remain hungry. A bottle of liquid necessary to keep the bottom up, to avoid getting extra air in the stomach of the baby. After feeding it is necessary a few minutes to hold the baby in an upright position. Rocking or putting him to bed is not recommended.

In normal mode, the burp should appear in an infant after a while after feeding. If regurgitation occurs during the meal or immediately afterwards, it is quite likely that you overfeed the child. Try to increase the number of feedings but reduce the portions.

The smell while vomiting

Even if you burp the child appears not often, pay attention to her scent. The fact is, in some cases, rejection of food happens because of the presence of serious diseases related to the digestive system, kidneys or liver.

A sour smell while burping indicates the probability of gastritis in children. Rotten odor can be caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In the presence of such symptoms it is necessary to show the baby to a specialist for a complete examination.

Immediately eliminate self-medicate and do not ignore the burp even at the slightest suspicion about the health problems of the child. Try to prepare for the baby high-quality food. Products must be fresh.

What foods cause belching

In some cases, burping can be not only incorrect feeding or internal disease, but also foods that the baby eats. Pay attention to the diet of their child. Try to give him foods such as peas, beans, cabbage. Carbonated drinks also produce the effect of burping.

While eating don't allow your child to drink plenty of water. Better to do it in small SIPS during the meal. A quick snack cold food can also cause burping.