Almond-shaped eyes

Very much a person's appearance is determined by the shape of the eyes. And it depends on the location of the axis, which are "mirrors of the soul." This axis can only pass through the inner or outer corners of the eyes, and can be direct. Normally, there are: almond shaped, slanted, Oriental eyes and lobed.

The brightest representative of the fair sex, having eyes with almond-shaped slit is Nefertiti. The sight of this beautiful ancient Princess it is similar in shape to the kernel of almond. Hence, there is the name of the almond.

Internal and external angles described by the eye are on the same axis, and they are wide open. The upper eyelid is quite heavy and a bit covering the eye to the iris. Almond-shaped eyes usually have a dark iris, i.e. they are black or brown. But bright iris, combined with almond-shaped eyes — a rare and unique phenomenon.

Eastern section of the eye

Oriental beauties stand out from the crowd thanks to unusual peculiar appearance. The most striking symptom belonging to the Eastern race is a characteristic shape of the eyes. The eyes of the inhabitants of China, Japan and other Eastern countries are characterized by thin, slabovidimym for centuries, and the eyes are narrowed to internal and external corners. The corners of the eyes Oriental located on the same horizontal axis as in the case of the amygdala.

Slanting of the eyes

Slanted eyes are a rather specific form: they are narrow toward the outer corner, but it expands to the inner corner of the eye. Simultaneously, the corners of the eyes lie on the same axis, so the eyes got its name — slanted. Inner corner of the eye is lower than the outside by about 10-12 degrees.

Some women want a radical way to get rid of the braces and turning to plastic surgeons and other women, on the contrary, using makeup to emphasize the eyes and make them their own flavor.

Lobed eyes

This is a fairly rare eye shape, which is characterized in that the outer corners are lower than the domestic.

The eye of any of the incision is very beautiful and unique. And properly applied makeup can enhance the expressiveness, attractiveness, and clarity of sight.