What are muesli

Cereals come in different types, differing in ingredients and method of preparation. The most useful are raw muesli that is prepared without heat treatment. They consist of dried fruits, nuts and rolled flakes. Most of them are no preservatives, sweeteners or colors.

There are also baked granola blended with honey, natural juices or oils and baked for a short time. This product, of course, pleasant to the taste, but more calories and is not suitable for those who restrict the consumption of sugar.

There are also snack bars-granola, which add a variety of sweeteners, including chocolate, and lots of preservatives. This product is not beneficial to the body and is not recommended by nutritionists and advocates of a healthy diet either as Breakfast or as a snack.

Terms of use muesli

Cereals intended for consumption at Breakfast or as a daytime snack, as this product is a low-calorie and contains no protein. But there are a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates, which during the day is converted into energy. Thanks to this combination of cereals are beneficial to the digestion and cause a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Muesli can be eaten raw, squeezed, for example, tea or coffee. But best of all, they are digested and absorbed by the body if them a little to soften any liquid. For those who want to lose weight, it is best steamed cereal with boiled water. The rest, including the children, is perfectly suited to the warm milk.

Cereals are well combined with natural fresh yoghurt, yogurt and even kefir. In this case, the intestines are additionally useful sour-milk bacteria. But the juice is such a product nutritionists do not recommend to use, as it contains a lot of sugar. In a pinch you can take them with only natural fresh juice. In this case it is better to eat muesli without any additional sweeteners.

How to make muesli yourself

This healthy Breakfast can be prepared on their own. To do this, simply blend a natural oatmeal, add some pumpkin seeds, different nuts, any fruit or dried fruit. And then steamed with warm milk products or normal boiled water. As a sweetener it is best to use natural honey.