Externally, the outlet is grounded differs from the usual presence of a built-in grounding brackets, made of metal. In the world practice uses a variety of options of designs outlets with grounding, but Russia has chosen this option with the braces. The choice is due to the construction in which when connecting the plug includes first contact terminals (clamps), designed to ground only at a later phase. This type of device is called Shuko or type F (CEE 7/4).

Why do we need grounding

This term is used in electronics to mean a connection of current-carrying elements of the electrical appliance to the ground. The main objective of earthing – protection against electric shock. If any electrical potential goes into the ground, protecting the individual. To ensure the process use simple device. Most often it is a rod of metal, dug to a depth of at least 2 meters. Sometimes buried a few rods connected among themselves, - as the ground is higher, the greater the overall contact area with the soil.

There is another concept of connection to "zero." This refers to the contact housing electrical equipment (e.g., switchboard, power tool stationary type) with "zero" transaction. This operation is required for fault protection of electrical equipment. Ideally, "zero", "ground" is connected.

Features mounting sockets with earthing

It sets such a socket is similar to the traditional device connection, but given the presence of three, instead of two contacts. One of the important points when installing colors of wires. The wire, originally designed for connecting grounding always has a yellow-green color. The cable under zero contact blue. The phase wire can have a different color, but in any case it will be different from zero and grounding. It is still recommended to check the correctness of connection tester.

When building a grounding in private (suburban) housing difficulties usually arise, but in an apartment building, problems may occur. Here there are 2 options for ground connection. In the first case, you can hold the wire to the body of the shield on the landing (it needs to be grounded). The second option connection of the grounding wire and "zero". This option enables the connection of ouzo, differential machines.