You will need
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • - an ordinary screwdriver;
  • - insulated wire with two probes on the ends.
Will the outlet on the Desk lamp and make sure it glows. Inserting the plug of a table lamp, do not touch the grounding contact of the socket, since you still don't know whether it is connected.
Disconnect the flap machine. Make sure you turned off the machine that you want, on the extinction of the lamp.
Remove the power plug of a table lamp. Remove the outlet cover.
View that is connected to the grounding contact. If it is connected to one of the terminals of the socket, then you have a zero. If a separate wire is ground. If it is not attached anywhere - socket is not grounded. In the latter case, it is possible to include only the appliances that have double insulation.
Put the cap back on the outlet, tightly secure it, and then turn on the machine.
If zeroing is used, make sure it's correctly implemented. After all, if when you install the Jack to the ground pin, instead of zero connected on the phase error, the voltage can get to the body of any plugged in appliance. This situation is very dangerous.
With the help of a flat screwdriver, check the ground contact phase voltage. If it is, use this socket should stop immediately and seek the advice of a qualified electrician. Even if neutral earthing done correctly, you should alert the fact of its existence. The fact that not all types of transactions allow for its implementation. Therefore, to address to the electrician, you must still.
If you find that the outlet is grounded, check whether it is really so. First, make sure that the third wire connects the grounding contact with the phase. How to do it and what to do when detected at this terminal phase voltage described above. Then find the indicator with a screwdriver in the outlet phase. Now, leaving the screwdriver in phase socket, remove the finger from the sensor. Instead of finger press it into place one of the probes insulated wire. Neon light or will not light at all or lights up very weakly. Now, without removing the probe from the sensor, opposite the probe to align to the protective earth contact. The fingers do not touch any metal parts of screwdrivers and sockets. The neon bulb should glow brightly. This means that the grounding pin are grounded. But finally, to ensure that the connection of this contact with the earth is really made reliably only by using special devices, so to be sure to contact the electrician is still desirable.If the bright glow of the neon lamp in the screwdriver is not observed, the ground wire is not connected to anything. In this case, the socket should be considered ungrounded and connect to it only devices with double insulation.