According to the WHO (world organization of health), there are 8 652 107 physicians and 16 689 250 nursing and midwifery personnel. Security per 10 thousand population is 14.2% and 28.1%, respectively.

Moral qualities of medical worker

According to surveys, patients moral quality of the medical staff play a major role. Professionalism of physicians is considered a matter of course. Trusting a medical professional, patients depend on him to demonstrate the highest moral qualities:
− sensitivity;
− exceptional honesty;
− tact;
− honesty;
− patience and care;
− ability for dedication;
− and most importantly - love for people and their work.

A sense of duty, humanity health care worker is fundamental in medical ethics. Medical ethics is a system of requirements and norms to morals and behavior of the physician and all medical personnel. Morality regulates the attitude of the doctor to the patient and a healthy person, to the relatives of the patient, to colleagues, to society and the state.

Hippocrates believed that a medical officer should be modest and restrained, kind and gentle, constantly enrich their knowledge and to listen to the views of colleagues, to see their goal is not to obtain fame and money, and alleviating suffering and healing the sick, selfless service to the people who turn to him for help and for advice.

In the “Code of medical ethics”, which is studied in medical school, indicates that every doctor must preserve life, to alleviate the suffering of the patient, to preserve the natural processes of the body and to do things for the good of the patient.

Medical humanism is expressed in the active, a natural desire to devote themselves to the sick and, despite the difficulties, to use all resources to restore and maintain health without causing actions and words additional damage.

Professional qualities of a health worker

No doubt that without the objective knowledge of the true activity of the medical worker, even if the observance of moral principles, is unprofessional. Medical personnel have to be qualified.

Health workers should possess such qualities as high professional skill and perseverance, the availability of the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge, competence, observation and insight, development of clinical thinking and addiction.

Starting communication with the patient, the health worker is obliged to focus all their attention on saving lives, alleviating suffering and restoring health, completely subordinated to the achievement of these objectives, the mind, will, knowledge, and experience. One of the main requirements to the doctors and nurses are friendly attitude to the patient and professionalism.