First of all you need to order the establishment of a Commission on which will rest the decision on the reduction of certain employees. This procedure is optional, but desirable. On the basis of the decision issued by the Protocol. This document lists specific positions and employees who shall be subject to reduction.
Make a list of redundant positions and employees. Publish the order on reduction of staff. This procedure should be carried out 2 months before the intended dismissal. It should be noted that the order, despite the early date of the compilation, shall be enforced from the date of signing of order of dismissal of workers.
Warn the employee about the upcoming reduction. This must be done 2 months before the termination of the contract. To do this, write him a letter. He should write a receipt that he is aware of the situation. One copy of emails Express yourself (signature of the employee), the second give to the employee. If he does not agree with the reduction, will make the act of refusal of the employee to become familiar with the letter.
If possible, offer is terminated to take another position. In case of refusal, he must a letter write "from vacancies refuse." If no vacancies, you should send the employee a notice about this.
A few months prior to the entry of an order in force shall notify the employment centre and an elected trade Union body. To do this, write a letter to their address, provide a copy of the Protocol issued by the Commission, as well as letters and orders.
Issue an order of dismissal of the employee. Give the document to him for review. Make the entry in the work book, based on paragraph 2 of article 81 of the LC RF. Apply for a personal card. Will pay severance compensation to the reduced employee.