Normal "filling of the lungs with air"

A person commits 13 - 15 respiratory cycles at measured breathing (breaths in 1 minute) while breathing in and out in an average of half a liter of air. But during respiration in the lungs is delayed about two liters of air (residual volume). Man uses only a part of the total volume of their lungs, which can reach up to 4-6 liters, and this is even with the deep breathing.

Is it possible to increase your lung capacity?

We all know that professional swimmers, especially the divers, how long can you hold your breath, this ability is very important, so they train a lot. This implies that you can "pump up" your lungs are like a muscle. And indeed it is. Scientists have proven that athletes, especially swimmers, the volume of the lungs more than the average person and this is achieved by heavy exercise.

Why measure it YELLOW?

In medicine the volume of the lungs is characterized by several parameters with lung function, you need to define, but more important is YELLOW, it indicates the status of the respiratory system. VC is the maximum volume of air that is exhaled after a deep breath.

How to measure the VC?

Spirography (removal of spirogramma) method to determine VC. The determination is carried out in the morning, on an empty stomach, after half an hour of rest also cancel drugs that affect respiratory function. The study is carried out in a vertical position. If the patient is already diagnosed with bronchial asthma, one followed by a second measurement on the same device, but after the medication used by the patient. This helps to assess the dynamics of disease development and to test the effectiveness of the treatment. Since this value depends on the individual characteristics of the person, use the estimated value JAL ("should" lung capacity, that is, takes into account parameters that are specific to the person - gender, height and weight). JAL is calculated by different formulas, e.g.:

- JAL (men)= 5,2×height (in meters) is 0.029×Age (years) — 3,2;

- JAL (female) = 4,9×height — 0,019×Weight — 3,76;

In studies, these values are compared. The increased deviation from the norm is not a pathology, especially if the person is actively involved in sports since due to the loads the energy required more, and as a result of oxygen, so work hard and lungs. But lowering the points about the problems of the respiratory system.