About the life situation of man, his state of health, you can learn mood. It is also possible to understand which themes speak to him, and what decisions will be taken by then. There are several types of sentiments: positive, negative and neutral.

Good mood

The positive mood state of a person when he is happy when everything in life goes perfectly, and on the horizon there are no bad situations. Maintaining a good mood plays a very important role in a person's life. It promotes mental and physical health.

The ability to distract from problems even for a short time helps to preserve the positive mood. While in this state, the person radiates happiness, he is ready to communication, Dating, ready to try everything new and unknown.

Bad mood and depression

Negative mood – the mental state of the body when a person perceives the surrounding world with negativity. Constantly there are quarrels with relatives, there is a bad physical and psychological condition. In this way, psychologists are advised to refrain from making important decisions, because the irritation and oppression of a very strong influence on it.

When a person for a long period of time is in a bad mood by himself, he may develop depression.

Depression – prolonged exposure in a negative mood that affects the psychological and subsequently physical health. Finding no way out of depression, people sometimes break and start to consume alcohol or drugs and need help. Perhaps it is enough just to talk to someone, to learn about his anxieties. If this does not help, consult a therapist.

Neutral mood – typical of people the introverts, the whole emotional world they hold inside, showing emotion very often. This does not mean that such people are insensitive, just the emotion that comes from them, on imaging do not go anywhere.

Very often such a mood can be noticed in people who have experienced events which had a strong impact on the future life. Order was missing a feeling uncomfortable when speaking with this person, you need to enter the circle of his trust and maybe he will stop inward.

Whatever the person's mood, sometimes, if he wishes, can change the attitude of the person, from negative to positive.