Choose a better hospital as early as possible, ideally in the middle of pregnancy. To gather information, study the reviews, take a tour and meet with the doctors, it will take a long time.

Why choose the hospital yourself

First, you can never be 100% sure that everything will go smoothly and easily. Childbirth is an unpredictable process. Even if the entire pregnancy was perfect, from complications during childbirth, no one is immune. And here, without skilled care and modern equipment simply can not do.

Second, often it is possible to choose the doctor who will deliver babies. Agree, much quieter when in a pinch close to a familiar person who knows your health and your body.

Finally, when you start the fight, you will have one reason to worry less. You will know exactly who to call, where you'll get lucky and someone will meet you there.

What are the criteria to choose the hospital

How much time will be spent on the road. Of course, childbirth, especially the first, will not end in a couple of hours after the start. But still the fight better to wait in a comfortable house under the supervision of doctors and not in the car, looking at the startled husband.

The conditions of stay in the wards. How many people designed chamber, whether single, if you want to be alone with the baby. If at all possible stay with the newborn. The condition of the wards, beds and a shower room. What are some things you can take with you and what will give on the spot.

Technical equipment of maternity halls. As room, can there to help in an emergency, what are the options of anaesthesia possible. If you are planning a joint childbirth with her husband or unconventional, for example, vertical birth, it is also worth to know in advance.

The children's Department is equally important. Be sure to find out if the hospital qualified neonatologist, there are some nurses and the treatment of children.

Some maternity hospitals spetsializiruyutsya on cardiovascular diseases, some pathologies of the child. If there are any problems or complications, it is better to give birth in the hospital, which is designed for this purpose.

Choosing a specific doctor, learn about its reputation. Meet to discuss the birth plan your expectations and anxiety. Ask about the way of communication with him and payment of services.

Once you have decided on the hospital, don't forget to learn when its close to the sink. If these dates coincide with the expected date of delivery, in any case, select a backup option.