In order to properly perform the sleep to remember it completely. For example, one and the same object seen in a dream, can speak both positive and some negative. So you saw in a dream the money, Yes hard ruble and the dollar.

A paper dollar in a dream.

In this case, the astrologers wish the full realization of such a dream. This vision can be interpreted in the following way: someone from your environment will soon come to request a loan. Getting cash says about the viability and success of the business.

If you just look at dollars, then with some effort it will be possible to increase revenue. If you dream you randomly find$, for example, find in the street or in the entrance, it says that in the near future all the difficulties and problems will recede into the background, and will be replaced by the successful implementation of the conceived ideas. Perhaps you have long been waiting for a promotion is likely to sleep ahead of this event in my life.

If you receive or find fake bills. This may indicate that someone in the entourage is trying to deceive, outwit, or the most terrible - to betray, but you recognized banknotes and, therefore, do something wrong will not work. Be vigilant and careful with their friends. Finally, someone lost, and you can see on the floor paper dollars.
If you want in a dream to take paper dollars — it suggests that someone wants to hurt, and probably doesn't even like you for a long time. Other people's money it is better not to raise, nothing good they will bring.

Loss of paper dollars in my sleep.

Payment of any goods says about big expenses in your life, perhaps useless. Maybe I should reconsider my plans on buying in the near future. If in the dream the eager dollars, put them in a passbook or on a Deposit. There is a chance of theft. Put an alarm on the house or buy another castle, it will all be worthwhile.
If you had paper dollars, which are out of reach from you, it may mean that during the lifetime of some of the fraud money has left you out, don't worry about it.

If you dream you tear the paper money, it involves problems in the intimate sphere, for example, impotence.