For starters, if a pimple is large and inflamed, resort to some tricks: take a cotton swab, moisten it with drops for the eyes and attach for a few minutes to the pimple. It is great to reduce inflammation and eliminate redness. Worse acting and lots of funds to extra reduction appeared "enemies", such as spot gels and creams.
You need to apply Foundation – without it, the disguise will not lie flat and will not hold long. Can be used as a special base under makeup and mattifying moisturizer.
Now proceed to disguise. Will pick up concealer: you can use a special concealer green color, it helps to eliminate redness. Well, if it contains antiseptic or tea tree oil and maybe a little to contribute to getting rid of unpleasant surprise. You can also use a camouflage pencil – the main thing is to choose a dense and lean. Most often, they contain anti-inflammatory components like salicylic acid, and therefore perform the dual task of camouflage and treatment.
Now take the concealer and apply a pimple spot and a very light layer. Patting, not rubbing (rubbing is not only hard to cover up, but also can spread the infection on other skin areas). Excess cream can be removed with a special sponge-sponge.
It is now necessary to give a smooth matte finish – grab a light powder brush and a good blend of her face. Uniform matte finish with no oily residue will not focus on the local inflammation, and the masking will keep for a long time.