Zit that suddenly appeared on the face can spoil not only mood, but also a possible trip to a social event. Take care of your face to get rid of those pesky and unwanted items so your cute little face. But until the problem occurs, try to hide the presence of acne on their skin.
Clear your face. So you get rid of dead skin cells, clear clogged pores and prevent the appearance of new pimples. Use a mild scrub that will not scratch the skin. This means that this scrub will not irritate acne and will not lead to inflammation. And inflamed pimples on the skin become very visible. You can also use cleansing gel with peeling effect.
Wipe the face with toner to remove residual dirt and grease. A good tonic to cleanse the skin and let it breathe freely.
The skin should then be moistened with a suitable product to give it additional firmness and smoothness. If you have problem skin, consult a dermatologist for advice about which moisturizer is best to use. Buy a special tool for problem skin, destroys bacteria, which provoke the appearance of acne and pimples (also after consulting with a dermatologist).
After this training you can apply makeup. To camouflage acne, use a good concealer (a concealer), which can be purchased at almost any cosmetic Department. Glossed over this concealer only problem.
Most good scissors are usually greenish or yellowish. Why? Yes, because these colors will best mask the pimples. Also look at the composition: a qualitative correctors do not contain oil.
Then apply a concealer on top of Foundation (it also should not include oil). This will be the final touch in the process of camouflaging acne and aging skin. Before bed be sure to clean the skin to night, she was able to breathe freely.