If after coloring appeared dark marks on the skin, take a cotton swab and moisten it with soap and water. Then carefully RUB the swab all the spots from the paint. For these purposes, provided that the dye has not penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin, suit and any scrub or shampoo.
If you are too late noticed on the skin traces of paint or soap pad and scrub does not work, repeat the same procedure again. Only instead of soap use alcohol, vodka, or other alcohol-containing solutions (Cologne, lotion for the care of the skin).
There are special tools that are designed to clean the skin from traces of the chemical hair dyes: Igora Color Remover, lamp Remover, UTOPIK CLEANER and Light Hair Remover. They are excellent, but quite expensive.
A for such purposes, use the cheaper tool. This Is "Curl". Its main purpose is hair perming. Lokon has a sharp specific smell. But after use will fade the marks from the paint. Frequent hair coloring it is advisable to stock up on this inexpensive medium.
In the same way, you can apply hydrogen peroxide, liquid for removing nails and even acetone. Often they cannot be used. They can harm your skin.
There is a lot of money, harmless to skin. They are always in the house. Clean the paint with a cotton swab soaked in warm vegetable oil. You can take a lemon wedge and they RUB the dark spots. Citric acid has the same effect.
Gentle remedy – toothpaste. The composition of toothpastes include cleaning agents. Therefore, it is also possible to remove paint residues. Moreover, it does not irritate the skin.
If it is urgent to wash, then apply the peel. Apply acid composition onto the skin to swell, then gently RUB. Otherwise, you can cause skin irritation. Superficial peeling can be done immediately all over the face. This procedure quickly restores the skin. It is fresh and takes a smooth and beautiful color.