How to choose whiskey

It is believed that the best drink made in Scotland and Ireland. Buying whiskey in these countries, you can be sure of its quality and authenticity. However, countries such as the USA, Japan and Canada today are Ireland and Scotland compete.

We can distinguish the following most popular brand of whiskey known throughout the world:
- "Chivas Regal (Chivas Regal);
- Johnny Walker" (Johnnie Walker);
- Glenfiddich (Glenfiddich);
- Jack Daniels (Jack Daniels);.

Traditionally a drink of whiskey

In Scottish tradition, there are 3 unspoken rules of how to drink whiskey:
- not cooling;
don't mix a drink;
- not eat.

In the homeland of whiskey it is considered that it should be consumed steadily, slowly, in small SIPS, warming the glass of warm palms.

In other countries extended mix whiskey with soda, ice or lemon. If confused by the fortress of this noble drink, it is allowed to dilute pure water.

Whiskey and soda: the recipe

So, take 50 ml of whiskey, 30 ounces of soda and a few cubes of ice (at its discretion). Mix all these components, you can enjoy the resulting taste.

Before you drink you need to bring to the nose a glass and inhale the aroma of the beverage. Inhale with nose and exhale through your mouth. Enjoy the aroma, take the first SIP and hold it in your mouth to experience the taste of whiskey and soda.

However, to apply these recommendations tasters not necessarily. You can drink this drink as you like, what you want and how much you want. Most importantly, do not need to use it in one gulp. Cocktail glass, you should choose a spacious and voluminous.

Traditionally, this drink used the glasses called "doublers", which have a wide and thick bottom. Fit Tulip and sherry glasses with rounded walls and narrow necks, not giving the drink to quickly lose its unique flavor. You can also use brandy sniffers".

Scotch and soda: when and what to drink

This drink is universal, it can be drunk before the meal and after. For example, mixing a whisky and soda and adding ice, you can get as a result a wonderful aperitif. Some whiskies are considered to be men's equal digestif and connoisseurs of this noble drink the cognac, because it allows to get rid of heaviness in the stomach and promotes good digestion.

What snacks meals it is best to use for a whiskey and soda? First, the smoked salmon. This appetizer can be served or separately, or in combination with seafood or salad.

Second, roast beef or lamb or grilled chicken.

Thirdly, as a snack to this drink you can use chocolate or baked chocolate bar.

Most of the tasters really do not recommend watering dishes fruit or sweet sauces, so as not to spoil the unique taste of the drink. And finally - five rules of drinking whiskey: a drink, to absorb its flavor, savor, add water and slowly to drink.