Advice 1: Why pregnant temperature

Throughout the pregnancy the mother taking care of proper development of the baby, you should be especially attentive to their health. Therefore, in the case of temperature rise it is necessary to consult a doctor to identify the causes of this phenomenon, which can be caused by various factors.
Why pregnant temperature
The increase of temperature to 37.3 OS in the absence of signs of colds it is considered acceptable within the norm in the early stage of pregnancy and may be associated with changes in the hormonal system of women. Since the first weeks of pregnancy, the placenta secretes large amount of progesterone that can lead to increased body temperature.The temperature during pregnancy may rise in excessive dryness of the air in the room. Therefore the room should be regularly ventilated, avoiding additional promyvaniya in the draft.In the hot season fever can be caused by long-term presence at the direct rays of the sun, heat stroke. In this regard, more is recommended in the summer to walk in the shade.However, if the temperature indicator is above 37.5 OS and it appears at least one of the signs of a cold (stuffy nose, cough, fatigue), the urgent need to take certain measures to avoid serious complications to the health of both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. Because the high temperature in this case may indicate a viral infection or the worsening of existing chronic disease. To establish an accurate diagnosis will require blood tests, biochemical and analysis) that will quickly determine the source of the increase in temperature and to immediately take measures to remediate and protect the body as a whole.The main ways of reducing temperature in pregnant women are primarily the people's money, not related to the use of drugs. These include onion and garlic inhalations, drinking plenty of fluids (herbal teas, cranberry or cranberry juice, etc.), gargling infusions of medicinal herbs and other Useful reception of the necessary vitamin and mineral complexes. But if traditional medicine does not help to bring the temperature down for several hours, then the visit to the doctor should not tighten. Self-treatment using drugs is strictly prohibited.

Advice 2: What is the body temperature in pregnant women

Body temperature is one of the main signals indicating changes in the human body. During pregnancy a woman's body is undergoing significant transformation due to which body temperature may rise or fall. Not always the temperature changes during pregnancy are cause for concern.
temperature during pregnancy
In the first trimester of pregnancy in women usually observed low-grade fever (37-37,5°C). During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, such indicators are normal, so expectant mothers need not be afraid of a slight rise in temperature. It is easy to explain: the body adapts to the hormonal changes, blood increases the level of progesterone, which in turn leads to increase in temperature. Also physiological the temperature jump is a partial consequence of immunosuppression. Immunity of a pregnant woman weakened slightly in the first trimester, so that the body did not tear away the fruit, considering it a foreign body. The second trimester temperature readings usually come back to normal.
When do you start to worry? If the temperature of a pregnant woman rises to 38°C and above, an urgent need onthe brotherto be a doctor. The body of the expectant mother is extremely vulnerable and at risk of developing infections that can harm fetus. A strong increase in temperature is a signal of danger and the reason to undergo examination to identify the source of illness. To postpone the visit to the doctor is not necessary, especially with suspicious symptoms in the first trimester of pregnancy. High temperature in the beginning of pregnancy may lead to serious disorders in the development of the Central nervous system of the fetus. In the later stages these symptoms can cause the detachment of the placenta and endanger the life of the unborn child.
Also suspicious signal is a sharp decrease in body temperature to 36.3°C and below in the first trimester. This symptom is an indirect sign of threatened abortion, or may indicate the presence of endocrine diseases. Sometimes the reduced temperature is a result of vitamin deficiency, however it is not necessary to drink vitamins, without consulting your doctor. Only a doctor can determine the nutrient deficiencies in the body of the expectant mother and prescribe a suitable vitamin-mineral complex.
Useful advice
Bring down the fever folk remedies or use familiar products from home kit during pregnancy is not recommended. For the treatment should consult a physician: not all the money from the high temperature safe for the mother and her baby. The only permissible drug which can bring down the fever during pregnancy, paracetamol is, however, not recommended without prior consultation with your doctor.
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