What goals do consulting company

Among the world's largest consulting firms today include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and KPMG (KPMG). They are also called "big four".

The services of consulting companies in most cases are managers, office staff, managers of divisions.

The services of external consultants can use in two cases. First, when the company is small and is in an active stage of its development. In this case, it does not have its own structural unit, able to solve the problem.

Secondly, the services of consulting companies are often used by large corporations. The fact that the conclusion of the consulting division for outsourcing due to considerations of economic viability and reduces costs on the maintenance staff.

Usually a consulting company traded in complex crisis situations. For example, when falling sales, loss of market share and lower competitiveness. Consultants can help to refocus the business on more promising development niches or develop a marketing strategy or a competitive strategy. But the solution of critical situations is not the only function of a consulting company.

Often her clients are the companies that involve the business development and search for new areas of development. To this end, the consultants conduct market research, identify the most promising niches of its development, analyze the activities of competitors, doing pre-investment evaluation of business projects, carry out forecasting of development of segments of the market. Also they can be carried out internal audit of the company's activities to identify problem areas within the organization.

External consultants can solve the internal problems of the company, providing leadership, plan, optimize business processes, build management structures in organizations, motivation of personnel, and so they can directly participate in the management of the company, to provide strategic and tactical planning.

The main goal of HR consulting is to increase efficiency and individual productivity of workers.

Another focus of the consulting companies is the development and implementation of information systems and system integration.

New direction consulting is the so-called personal consulting. Unlike traditional counseling, it aims to develop strategies for personal development, formation of system of relations.

Types of consulting companies

Consulting company is extremely diverse. From the point of view of the profile of they can be sirokopasovne (which cover the entire spectrum of consulting services) and highly specialized (having only one type of service - for example, audit companies or it consulting).

According to the methods of activities are distinguished, expert, process, and training and consulting.

On localization distinguish between domestic and international consulting.

In a circle of solved consulting companies tasks to allocate specialists in the field of commercial, financial, legal, environmental, technological consulting, etc.