You will need
  • - wax concealer (pencil);
  • - joiner's glue;
  • pieces of veneer
  • - a knife with a thin, sharp blade;
  • - blade or a scalpel;
  • plaster on wood;
  • - iron
  • - the sack of sand.
Use a waxy concealer if on the surface of the furniture covered with veneer, you find a deep scratch. Pick up a pencil most suitable color to wood, which is planned to be fixed. Melt the wax. With a rubber spatula or the blade of a knife RUB it into the scratch so that the top did a small slide. Allow to harden, he then cut off the excess with a razor blade or a scalpel. Treat this place fine sandpaper and coat with varnish.
Prepare the glue and a razor blade or scalpel, if the veneer is a little loose from the base. Incise the damaged area along fibres. A wide knife or small spatula, type a little glue under the veneer. Dampen a rag and place it on the bonding location. Press with a hot iron, heated to 80 degrees. Squeeze out excess glue and air to remove the iron not to burn the veneer.
If the surface of furniture was a small dent on the veneer, put on the place a wet piece of cloth and press it with a hot iron. Allow the moisture to evaporate and remove the iron. Wood fibers swell, and the dent would disappear. If this method doesn't help then pick up a scalpel pressed a piece of veneer, carefully pry off. Enter it for a filler for wood, allow it to dry. Align the damaged area with sandpaper and glue veneer glue.
Glue a piece of veneer sheets, if the surface of the furniture badly damaged. Cut with a scalpel along the contour of the damaged area. Chisel and hammer will remove the old damaged section of veneer. Sand released from the surface roughness and the adhesive. Attach a new piece of veneer, oiled the carpenter's glue. Press it with a hot iron and iron. Don't stop moving the iron in one place, and then the veneer will burn. Put on sealed place a heavy flat object for a few hours.
For pasting veneer convex surfaces as press, use the sack of sand. Heat the sand in the pan and pour it in a tight bag. Lay a sheet of paper between hot sand and glue veneer. If necessary, secure the bag with a rope, for example, if you repair a chair leg or table. Bulk material evenly compress the surface, which will give a good veneer to stick to the base. Remove a homemade press when the sand is completely cool.