Live in Russia for at least five years in a row - this is the time period for citizenship set out in paragraph "a" of part one of article 13 of the Federal Law "On Citizenship" from 31.05.2002. This rule also applies to persons without citizenship. Residence in the territory of the Russian Federation is considered continuous if during this period you have left the country not more than three months annually. The length of your stay in Russia is counted from the date from the date of registration at the place of stay. Don't neglect the design of the document! Also need not conflict with the law (paragraph "b" of part one of article 13), have a legitimate source of livelihood (the item "in") and confirm your knowledge of Russian language (paragraph "d").
Check to see if you're one of the privileged categories. Right for citizenship without five years of residence are:

- persons born on the territory of the RSFSR after the Soviet collapse did not receive the citizenship of either one of the republics;
- persons who are minors or adult, but disabled child, a citizen of the Russian Federation (provided that the second parent is absent or incapacitated);
- disabled persons with able-bodied children who are citizens of the Russian Federation and under their custody;
- persons married to a Russian citizen for at least three years.

Veterans of the great Patriotic war who were citizens of USSR and now living in Russia, eligible for citizenship in exceptional order - without complying with conditions of paragraphs "a", "b" and "d".
Come to the territorial division of the FMS with the required documents:

- the documents proving the identity;
- the statement on reception of citizenship of the Russian Federation in two copies;
- photographs;
receipt about payment of state duty;
- a document confirming the citizenship of the USSR in the past (birth certificate, passport of the USSR), if any;
the veteran's license, if any);
- other documents confirming the right to citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner.