Making repairs in the room need to pay special attention to the decoration of the walls. And here is the best Wallpaper. Such wall coverings have many advantages, but the most important is their high aesthetics. To the design of the walls in the hall exceeded all expectations, when choosing Wallpaper, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria.

What kind of Wallpaper is better?

Wall coverings for the living room primarily offers vinyl, paper, and textile varieties. First do not accumulate static electricity, perfectly hides minor irregularities of the walls, are easy to clean and have a special texture. They are perfect for the hall. They can implement even the most fantastic design idea.

Paper Wallpaper are not high price and environmental friendliness. But they are not resistant to UV rays, and as in the halls, as a rule, multiple Windows, soon they will fade. In addition, they are durable. Therefore, it is better not to use them to furnish the living room, despite the fact that buying out economical.

Textile Wallpaper is perfect for the hall. In this room they look gorgeous. Textile finishing material can easily create an impressive interior. In addition to high aesthetic characteristics, they differ in durability and environmental friendliness.

What colors to choose for the hall?

If the room is spacious, then it is possible to buy the Wallpaper saturated colors – Burgundy, cherry, juicy green, and blue. Accents, will help put on them with silver or gold patterns. They can be focused only in one area or to make a frieze. Necessarily under such Wallpaper should be chosen borders. They should fit the tone of the finishing material.

A small room is best to make a Wallpaper of pastel colors. You can opt for peach, lavender or mint colour. They allow you to visually enlarge the space. For small rooms suitable Wallpaper color French rose. They look elegant and refined. While they should not be horizontally oriented pictures. Better if finishing material is decorated with monograms or floral motifs.

If the room in summer, too hot, decorate it with Wallpaper cool tones. Suitable pale blue, lilac or aquamarine color. Finishing material should have metallic luster. Figure it is better to choose simple in the form of classic patterns. And to complete the zoning of the hall, use Wallpaper-companions. They will make the interior elegant and stylish.