When choosing Wallpaper for the walls consider the size and room lighting. The rule here is: you should avoid bright and large images in small spaces and deep dark tones in rooms with insufficient natural or weak artificial light.
Match the color of the Wallpaper with hints of other elements of decor – carpets, blinds, curtains, furniture. Ideally, all the objects in the room and part of the design of the interior should form a harmonious ensemble is composed of color. The main color of the Wallpaper does not necessarily have to coincide with the dominant colors of the environment.
Choosing Wallpaper for papering the whole apartment, remember that the monotony of the walls, unacceptably, as an unwanted and overly sharp contrasts. Do not combine too faint and extremely saturated colors of the Wallpaper, otherwise, when you are indoors may ruffle in the eyes.
Making a kitchen, hall and other premises with a higher risk of contamination, pick vinyl Wallpaper, designed for painting. They can be easily washed or cleaned of dirt, if necessary.
For living room choose a dressy, but not causing the Wallpaper made on a textile backing or the screen-printing technology. Keep in mind that the simple, inexpensive wall covering based on paper relatively quickly will begin to fade under exposure to sunlight and will lose its original appearance.
Thinking through the design of the bedroom walls, lose yourself in fantasy. Being the room with the lowest level of contamination, the bedroom can be decorated with Wallpaper of different textures, from paper to textile or vinyl. It is very important to choose the right color palette, the room had a cozy, relaxing. Remember reasonable and harmonious combination of all aspects of Wallpaper: the colors, textures and decorative pattern.