How to overcome emotions?

In this situation, really can not do anything. It's best just to leave emotions, feelings in the past and move into the future. However, not everyone can do this so simply. For many women it is very important to try to change the situation. They are divided into two large groups. First, it is important to achieve the goal, so as not to hurt their ego, second do not care about vanity and pride, they are willing to do anything not to lose feelings. Both options are not too good, since love cannot be created from nothing and can not be kept by force.

Women who step over their pride and ego, do not usually receive nothing but contempt from the man I love. Very rarely they can convince his beloved to give them a chance, but this love of despair and self-pity rarely leads to something good. Women who need to love, not to be miserable, commit some irreparable actions, seriously complicating your life, or just fruitlessly wasting too much energy on reaching the ephemeral result.

What to do?

The best option in the case of unrequited love is to struggle with herself for their happiness. It is very important to convince yourself that you just need to move on, abandoning the suffering and agonizing.

First of all, you need to understand feelings, to understand how strong they are. Often serious thoughtful analysis shows that this love arose from the feelings of loneliness, and that means any other mutual affair will be able to drown out, as it will remove the root cause. In this case, it is sufficient just to seek other suitable object for application of the senses. And do not look for it somewhere else, most likely some kind of beautiful man is already in your environment.

If the basis of unrequited love is not just a desire to "be one", think about the behavior and character of your beloved. Perhaps he feels an interest in you or more intense feelings, but is afraid to show because among men there is a huge amount of questionable stereotypes about the proper "male" behavior. In this case, it is easiest to call it a Frank conversation to dot the "i". This can be a painful procedure, but it is much easier to endless flirting and cautious exploration. Besides, if his answer is negative, you'll never have to doubt. Uncompromising "no" makes you move forward, in spite of sorry for yourself.

To fight for their love or breaking up - will have to be you alone. However, remember that men don't like overly clingy women. All because it is alien to their nature. Don't forget that the man is a hunter who likes to Woo women. It is therefore not worth his captivity. Probably better to just let him go and wait to see who will love you.