For planting wild grapes of the desired seedlings. Them from the date of purchase before putting in the soil must be kept in water. Not drying and solar overheating. Carry out planting should be in spring, fall to do it categorically it is impossible, as there is a high risk of death of all seedlings.

Preparation of seedlings of wild grapes

Primarily produce processing plants. Remove dead parts of the root system, which will be brown and sluggish. Then cut off the seedlings at the eyes, leave only 3-5 on each. To do this required in order to make it easier to care for plants, and to increase the chances that it will be accepted and will develop sufficiently.

Select a suitable location for wild grapes. This largely depends on its yield. You must choose a well-lit area where the groundwater table at least 1 meter. If they are closer you'll need to do on the mound 04-0,5 m of fresh earth. The soil should not be too loose.

Planting wild grapes

Start planting seedlings of wild grapes in late March or early April. A time better suited for this. Choose a Sunny day and armed with a shovel. Need to make holes for seedlings the following dimensions: 80x80x80 see them On the bottom put a layer of compost or manure. You could add a little fertilizer.

Then take the saplings and plant them alternately in the prepared hole. You need to ensure that their roots are not too much left in the topsoil. To fall asleep they need fresh soil, the purchase of which should be taken care of in advance. It needs to be compacted and form a small hill. It should cover the vine and eyes. Then carefully pour it. It is not necessary to believe that because of this roller coaster eyes will not be able to germinate, because under the influence of water the soil is slightly eroded.

Since the landing is done in the spring, we should think necessarily about the fact that with the onset of summer, the seedlings died. To do this, perform mulching the soil where you want to use straw, peat or sawdust. This will keep moisture in the soil in the required quantity. In result, the root system will always get the right amount of water. In addition, made a layer of peat, sawdust or straw will create favorable conditions for reproduction of microorganisms, useful for wild grapes.