You will need
  • - Shovel,
  • - secator,
  • - fertilizers (potassium salt, superphosphate, compost),
  • - manure,
  • - clay,
  • - potassium permanganate.
If you decide to transplant adult vine, do so to keep as many roots and not to damage his heel and underground shtamb. Before planting you need to cut the seedlings at 2-3 buds.
Heel the roots into the grapes be cut to 18-20 inches, if the shortening is not required, then update the roots of seedlings of grapes cut. Before planting the grape roots should be dipped in a clay-dung talker. For this you need to mix clay with cow dung in the ratio of 2:1 and diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream.
Now you need to prepare the site for transplanting grapes that need to be cleaned of weeds and debris, dig. Under transplant grapes dig pits of size 50 by 50 centimeters and a depth of 60-70 cm. In each hole is desirable to make the 20 g of potassium salt and superphosphate, bucket of compost. Thoroughly mix the fertilizer with the earth.
The optimum distance between the ridges of grapes 2-2. 5 meters. The scheme of placement of vines is completely dependent on soil fertility, varietal characteristics and the type of formation of the Bush.
If you decide to transplant the vines in the spring, pour boiling water over the hole in which you need to pre-dissolve potassium permanganate. The color of the water should be dark red in color.
Before planting the vine to a new place make on the bottom of the pit, the mound of earth and place it on the hive. This is necessary in order to heel the grape roots have wrapped the earth from all sides.
Then fill the pit with earth to the level roots that need to be spread on the ground. Seal the soil and pour a bucket of water.
After the water is absorbed, fill the hole with earth and water the Bush two buckets of water.
On the surface of the earth should be only bitches shoots that have 4 left kidney. But it should be done so that the upper eye was 5 cm below the soil level. Fill the vine with earth to form a mound with a height of 8 inches.
Watered the transplanted Bush needed every 1-2 weeks so that the water reached the roots of the heel of the grapes.