Should make it easier to imagine one day with no regrets for tomorrow, tomorrow, week. It would seem that it is so simple. Everyone has days, some of which remained in memory for a long time or even forever, because it was filled with interesting events of some kind, while others have faded, remaining gray and wasted. The question is how and when man still manages not to regret about the past?

The answer lies in human psychology. Being always in search of something new and finish them, one immediately gets found. To live freely, outside the framework, to let it go and accept everything as it is - it means to live without regrets, but only in the state of mind. But part of that is trying to live, not regretting about tomorrow, not able to follow this advice. People, because of their device, always immersed in the contradictions, the frustration is inevitable in his life.

Doubt is one aspect of the personality of the individual with whom he is forced to coexist, regardless of his desires. A kind of doubt and regret are moral waste that is retrieved for the normal functioning state of mind, as to every human body.

While people are trying to maintain control, they are doomed to disappointment and regret, because the only way to get rid of them is to look back, where he let go of the wheel and obey the situation.