Many gardeners call it a strawberry wild berry and garden varieties with small elongated berries. Varieties with large fruits, is considered the strawberry. But it's not quite right.

The fact that in ancient times, strawberries were called just one of the varieties of strawberries, the berries of which differed rounded shape and reminiscent of the potato tubers. After the emergence of large-fruited strawberry varieties that are now grown almost everywhere, the name was transferred to them. In fact the strawberry is a quite rare kind, and everything that is grown in the garden plots, it would be more correct to call the garden strawberries.

Differences in the structure of plants

Strawberries from the strawberry differs primarily in the height of the stem. The first berries she is 25 to 35 cm, and the second is 20-25 cm with regard to the flowers of these plants, it should be noted that the strawberries they were gay, while the strawberry – bisexual. Plants differ in color of leaves: strawberry lighter and slightly corrugated. Its yield of strawberries significantly inferior to the strawberry, and it definitely should bear in mind gardeners who plan to plant these berries in their plots.
One of the organic acids contained in berries, helps to prevent lung cancer, which is important for smokers.

The traditional color of the two berries when ripe – red, but in recent years great interest has white berries is breeding a strain of strawberry "White soul" and the variety of strawberry "White pineapple". When the berries of these varieties begin to ripen, they become milky-white with pink bones.

Useful both berries

If we talk about consumer features of both berries, they are very insignificant. And strawberries and strawberries contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins. So, the berries are vitamins a, C, E, PP, Biotin. And the vitamin C content of the berries yield is that blackcurrants.

Regular consumption of strawberries and strawberry in food strengthens the immune system, improve digestive system, cleansing the body and slowing the aging process. These berries have a pronounced diaphoretic and diuretic effect.

Strawberries with strawberries reduce blood sugar levels in the body, and therefore they can be included in the diet of people with diabetes.
Strawberry improves the process of absorption of iodine, so they are often used to treat the thyroid gland.