It is easiest to determine the sex of an adult individual. But usually I want to buy a young hamster. In this case all the more difficult. Immediately after birth, to distinguish the hamster boy hamster from girls impossible. Any obvious signs of sex appear in Djungarian after a month. At this age and later they can be taken away from the mother. Viewing of this very young cub, be careful. Take him by the collar or lay it flat on the palm of the hand up the abdomen. The head and the upper part of the calf, hold the fingers, the posterior of the animal is let hanging loosely from his hand.
болеют хомяки
Look closely at the genitals of Jungaria. You have to compare a few individuals to see the difference. The male's anus and genitals are located further from each other than the females (about 0,7 – 1 cm from each other). Moreover, they differ little from each other and look like tiny bumps. Sometimes it is even possible at this age to find a small pouch near the genitals – the scrotum. But in young it is visible not always.
кремация хомяков
Touch the tummy of a baby in the heart in males is seed iron to the touch resembling a navel. Belly of the females is smooth, but on either side there are nipples, they can be seen, parting the fur. Another feature is the thick fur around the genitals Dzungarian-boys. Females such notable vegetation in this area do not possess.
There are indirect signs by which we can understand which of Djungarian hamsters male and who is female. Oddly enough, the latter are much more aggressive towards the person and restless. In addition, girls are usually bigger and thicker, and boys stronger smell. In addition, sitting in a cage, Dzungaria males fight among themselves, and females live with each other peacefully.
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