If your child has a stye, then you are faced with Staphylococcus aureus, trapped in a kid's body due to contamination. Barley usually occurs during a cold, this is because the immune system of the child during this period, weakened.

Not immune from the "seed eye" and children, in which the body lacks vitamins A, C, and In children with various chronic diseases, e.g., gastro-intestinal tract. Very often the barley is striking in eyes of children with diabetes.

What to do if there is barley?

As soon as you saw that eye your child has a stye, it is necessary to take urgent measures. And most importantly, do not forget that no matter how harmless it may seem barley, be sure to consult a specialist. Remember that in any case can not try to squeeze the stye, it can often aggravate the situation.

Emergency assistance your child you will be able to provide on their own. First of all, you need to make to inflammation dry heat. This sort of medical procedure UHF, which is usually prescribed by a doctor with the appearance of barley. Remember that any warming can only be applied in the case if the child has no temperature. If you do everything right, then after about four days on it barley appears yellowish point. Soon after, the barley breaks through, it begins to stand out pus. This usually indicates that the problem will soon be resolved – the body cope with inflammation.

With the appearance of pain, redness or swelling in the area of inflammation, especially if the baby has a fever, it is recommended that the use of antibiotics. In this case, self-treatment is almost impossible, because these drugs should be prescribed only by a doctor.

How to avoid barley?

First of all, you need to exert all efforts to strengthen the child's immunity. This requires the regular use of vitamins, especially in the spring time of year. Especially important are the b vitamins Try to keep clean, often to spend damp cleaning of premises. And, of course, do not forget about the hardening, avoid colds, as they often undermine children's immunity.

If you still faced the re-emergence of the barley of your child, you should conduct blood tests – General and the sugar. Additionally, the doctor may prescribe and a smear on flora. All this will allow to establish the reasons for the re-emergence of barley.