Barley: causes and symptoms

Pisac – an acute purulent inflammation sebaceous glands century. The causative agents of this disease are microorganisms, most commonly Staphylococcus aureus. When it gets on the skin, it instantly begins to look for ways to reproduce. To do this, he needed to get to the hair follicle. Once there, it clogs up the flow of the waste products, resulting in accumulates pus.

A healthy body can easily cope with Staphylococcus aureus. But if a person has bad habits, stress and vitamin deficiency for him – the usual case, the disease will not pass. Also the cause of the disease can be sleep deprivation, hypothermia or violation of the rules of personal hygiene.

Barley may appear in both upper and lower eyelids, but the first case is most common. If the immune system is very weak, the disease can manifest itself in the plural form, although more common a single. It is also possible and the internal pisac when the inflammation is meibomitis gland. This disease can occur in acute and chronic form.

First, there is a swelling century. Further, the skin in this place becomes red, swollen, possible fever. The person experiences pain in the area of redness. After some amount of time raised, tender spot turns yellow, you receive the purulent contents. After it breaks, the patient's condition improves, the pain becomes less strong.

To diagnose the disease, the doctor will conduct a visual inspection. Then assigned treatment. If there is a recurrence of barley, the doctor selects treatment based on the results of blood tests of the patient.

Treatment of barley

To treat this disease must begin at the first signs of occurrence. This can be redness, itching, swelling. In this case, can help "green". It should apply on the eyelid up to five times a day. In this treatment, you should be careful to use a cotton swab to avoid damage to the eye, and close it during the procedure.

If there is a painful rise, it is useful to apply UHF-therapy or dry heat, for example, attach cereal, salt, boiled egg. Salt needs to be heated in the pan, wrap in a cloth or fill it in a clean sock and apply to the site of inflammation. Salt should be warm to avoid burns. Heat accelerates blood circulation, but such procedures cannot be conducted during proryvnye barley. Wet compresses and lotions to use are undesirable because they can contribute to any infection in the output streams of the glands that are close to the inflamed.

Your doctor may prescribe the patient some medications local use. It may be "Gentamicin", "Ciprofloxacin" (in the form of drops), 1% tetracycline ointment.

Sometimes it so happens that the barley takes place in the same time with conjunctivitis. In this case, the laboratory of bacterial seeding from the eyes. Based on these results, the ophthalmologist will choose the best antibiotic. If this procedure is not carried out, there shall be broad-spectrum antibiotics, for example, floksal, sulfacetamide, tobrex. Self-instilled antibiotic is not recommended because it may contribute to the progression of barley.

To squeeze or puncture pisac impossible. This can lead to infection and serious consequences. For example, you may see meningitis or sepsis.