Some diseases (diabetes, anemia, gastritis can provoke inflammation in the form of barley. Barley also appears if the eye gets dust or when using stale towels, napkins. But most often it arises out of a fault reduced immunity. To prevent the barley, it is necessary to increase the overall resistance of the organism. And of course, to observe basic rules of personal hygiene.

If the swelling just appeared, you can manage to kill the infection, with burning barley green fodder (1% solution) or rubbing alcohol. Use the stick with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Keep it sick 20 minutes. Be careful not to spill the substance to ablate the eye.

Barley is still developing? Treat him with antibiotics – they are effective in inflammation. You can use sulfacetamide solution of penicillin, tsiprolet, TOPEX - choose the drug that you are not allergic. Instill an antibiotic into the eye 3 to 5 times a day. The night lay over the edge of the lower eyelid erythromycinbuy or tetracycline ointment.

It is also recommended barley to warm up, but in any case do not do it before will reveal an abscess. Otherwise the inflammation will intensify. That's when the head breaks, start warming up. You can use a hot boiled egg, wrapped with a soft cloth. Keep it from the sore spot for as long as possible – hours heat the egg regularly as it cools down).

Try for treatment of barley folk remedies. Brew in a Cup of boiling water one tablespoon of calendula flowers. Let infuse for half an hour. Or take a piece of aloe, squeeze the juice out of it, dilute with water (10 parts to one part juice) Do 3 times a day lotions on the lower eyelid from one of these solutions.

Barley – a source of infection for your loved ones. So as soon as the bowl wash your hands to the sore the same place touch less often. Do not squeeze the pus: bacteria will get on the other layer of the eye (the bloodstream can cause infection in the brain). Will be very good if you go to the optometrist: self-treatment of barley is possible, but undesirable.