How is the reservation

The clause in the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud is a kind of a mistake. Incorrect actions also include clerical, sedums, oleski, zatarivanie objects, and temporary forgetting. In everyday life people do not pay for wrong actions special attention, however, they serve as eloquent psychoanalytic material.

Faulty actions arise not only from agitated or scattered person. They occur when the correctness of their implementation is given too much attention. In simple terms, the person's trying too hard to hide something.

The mechanism of occurrence of clause - a clash of two intentions that violate and break. Violated the intention of the speaker is known, this is the originally intended meaning of the phrase. Violate the intention is kind of unacceptable for a speaker's tendency that he would like to hide.

Violation of the intention could affect broken. It can give the clause a contradictory meaning, to amend or Supplement. If you violate and violating the intentions don't have anything in common, the reservation was caused by a seized man shortly before his wrong actions and thoughts.

What is the meaning of reservations

To figure out the meaning of the clause, the psychoanalysts resorted to the testimony of the actual speaker. However, these indications are not always able to help. In this case, evidence can be sought in the nature of man, mental situation that obtained prior to the reservation experience.

The awareness of the speaker about the existence of infringing intentions may vary. Sometimes the speaker knew about violating the intent and felt it before reservation. He tried to oust this intention, but it does occur in speech.

In other cases, the speaker is completely unaware of the existence of infringing intentions and vehemently denies all speculation about him. This means that the intention had been driven too deep. Talking really forgot it.

The reservation is not necessarily manifested on a global scale, it may happen, for example, one sound. The sound is pronounced incorrectly, or lost words. In such cases violates the trend only hints at its existence without expressing actual intent.

The presence of excitement or fatigue undoubtedly accelerate the emergence of reservations. Exactly like the consonance of words when a word is replaced by the consonant. However, in most cases, such conditions are absent.