Stylists recommend the use of thin coatings to provide smooth hairstyles. These tools help make the perfect styling even if your hair is unruly, shove. The degree of fixation, which provides the varnish liquid type is selected individually. And of course, this option depends on the type of hair, their length, thickness and other nuances.

Liquid lacquer: the nuances of the application

The liquid varnishes are often called gel-sprays, they ensure a secure hold. This nail Polish differs from the dry fact that the first product dries longer and therefore gives the possibility of modeling hairstyles. In particular, the solidification of the varnish, you can remove blemishes, adjust the shape. Most often liquid Polish is used to highlight separate strands, bangs. A dry nail Polish need as the finishing touch – hair.
If you are using liquid Polish, despite the presence of active care ingredients in the composition, remember that the tool must be washed before bedtime.

When applying liquid varnish is necessary to direct the jet along the direction of growth of the scales. It is recommended to smooth the hair with brush or comb.

To choose a liquid varnish in a can and soft, and when hard, fairly thick hair. But if your hair is thin, it is preferable to use the dry means not to reduce the volume.

Is applied as liquid lacquer

You need to distribute liquid Polish as uniformly as possible, when spraying you need to maintain a distance of at least 25 cm If your hair is long, it is possible to apply the varnish from the bottom up, in other cases – from the top down.

Using liquid Polish, you should not be afraid to comb your hair after application. You can choose this nail Polish to create the effect of wet hair when straightening curls. For a festive look suitable for a varnish with glitter, colouring products. Every day you should choose lucky for volume, normal fixation. Strong styling tools and professional lacquers are best used only for celebrations, to blow-has been all day. Liquid varnish weak fixation will be the best choice with a short haircut and manageable hair.
In the spring and summer a good choice is liquid varnish, with UV filters, it helps protect the curls from fading, drying out.

You need to remember that liquid Polish can be applied to wet hair – hair will quickly lose attractive and fall off. For sensitive scalp and the propensity to allergies, you can purchase hypoallergenic liquid Polish.