Advice 1: What is the potential danger

In all the processes carried out by the person as a result of life, there is the likelihood of threats to the environment and the lives and health of people. This so-called potential danger.
Potentially dangerous area
Potential danger – the potential impact on the human body of harmful and dangerous factors that can lead to injury, sudden and severe health problems.

The characteristics of the potential dangers

The potential danger is a universal property of human interaction with the environment and its components. Her character changes from natural factors of human life to all kinds of negative anthropogenic factors, often associated with scientific and technological advances (electricity, all kinds of radiation, high and low temperatures, power system).

Production environment is complemented by increasingly powerful technologies and technical systems that facilitate human labor, make it more productive, and in some cases allow you to go without human intervention. However, the more high-tech environment with which interacts, the more potential danger for him. All production processes are potentially dangerous to health and may cause death.

Potential hazard and risk

The potential danger can be estimated using risk. In practice, complete security is unattainable as long as there is a source of danger. However, you can reduce the risk of danger to a minimum, ensuring maximum safety. As a result, the risk for a long period of time remains unfulfilled or can take the form of an accident.

The main characteristic is the security level – allowable (residual) risk to humans. Using various statistical data, it becomes possible to pre-estimate the risk in different spheres of human activity. For example, the risk of suffering in a car accident can be characterized as follows: for year 1 of the 10 people at risk to get into a car accident.

Acceptable risk in practice is installed in accordance with the achieved in the most affluent similar systems "technical system – man". For example, the probability of a severe accident at the NPP should not exceed 10 (10 to 1 reactored). Acceptable risk it is necessary to provide a complex of necessary measures (technological, technical, organizational) which will minimize the likelihood of danger.

Advice 2: What is work injury

In labor law there is such a thing as a work injury. This unpleasant incident, not only for the employee who received it, but for an employer, whose duty by law is to ensure safe working conditions. This applies both to the business cycle, and those whose activities are limited to the office.
What is work injury

The definition of occupational injury

Article 227 of the Labor Code defines an occupational injury as an injury to a worker due to an accident that occurred during working hours and on the way to or from work. The consequence of work injury can be the necessity of transferring the victim to another, lighter work, temporary or permanent loss of his disability or death.

Production is recognized trauma in the workplace, which also includes all the required labor regulations on breaks. With regard to injuries on the way to or from work, they are found to be production only in that case when you riding in transportation provided for this purpose by the employer, or in his car, which is assigned to you for official purposes under the terms of the employment contract.

The injury he got during a trip by public transport or driving your car, as well as during the journey home on foot, production is not considered. If you are injured while on the trip on behalf of the employer, the injury would be considered industrial, but if you, after you order, were on the way home, it belongs to the production will be gone.

Regardless of the severity of received injuries, every such case is an emergency.

How to act in case of injury

Because you put substantial compensation, including for moral damages would require proof that the injury was received has not been your negligence and fault of the employer.

In the case of injury, you need to call a doctor for first aid and your supervisor. Witnesses to the incident should report the incident then the fact of injury is considered to be fixed, which should be reflected in the minutes of the incident, which describes all of the facts. If the degree of injury is large, you should transport to the hospital.

After this case the production should be created a special Commission, which investigates all details of the incident and draw their own conclusions about the degree of fault of the injured worker and the employer. Competent members will consider the testimony of witnesses, the details and circumstances of injury.

In that case, if the injury resulting from the negligence of the injured employee or violations of established safety rules, familiarization with which he signed in a special register, the probability of obtaining compensation for victims is reduced to zero. If proven guilty the employer, the compensation will be paid in full, in addition, he will have to pay large fines.
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