Description manul

интересные факты про мануоа

Size manul slightly larger than a house cat: weighs up to 5 kilograms, body length is about 65 inches. He looks bigger thanks to a very fluffy thick coat – this characteristic makes scientists wonder about the possible relationship of the Pallas ' cat, and Persian cat. With this breed of wild Pallas ' cats have in common a specific, flat shape of the head and smooth body shape. The color of these animals is usually light grey, sometimes with white or yellowish patches. The Pallas ' cats live in the wild in Asia, the Caucasus, China and Mongolia. The number of these animals is constantly decreasing, and the species is on the verge of extinction. But it is unknown how much of Pallas ' cats live in the wild: he has a secretive nature and the various habitats.

Как выглядит манул

Manul good adjusting to life at the zoo, it is easy to keep in captivity, as it requires no heat and large cells. But multiplies in such conditions it is worse, and many kittens die from infectious diseases.

Manul at home

There are wild species of cats that get along quite well with people in one apartment: it's a jungle cats, caracals, servals. But Pallas ' cat is not one of them, this small but aggressive and quarrelsome cat is tamed with difficulty. It differs indomitable nature and can cause a lot of problems, but many cat lovers agree to have these animals at home. Some of them do not realize that if an animal looks like a normal cat and is large, it does not necessarily behave the same. Others are ready to tame the beast for his unusual appearance.

If you are going to keep Pallas ' cat home, be prepared for possible problems. First, it is a reclusive animal that eschews not only their owners, but Pets, even if they nurtured him. Secondly, the Pallas ' cats can ruin furniture, carpets, curtains, Wallpaper and all that comes their way. And third, will have to learn to cope with their very long and thick hair – she constantly sheds and falls in large quantities.

The Pallas ' cats can have different personalities, just like normal domestic cats. If you are lucky, you can find the kitten quite suitable for keeping the apartment disposition. He will not be affectionate and responsive, but will not show aggression. In any case, it is not recommended to keep a wild animal house – salvation requires vast, snowy wilderness, and hunting for small mammals. Keep the manul at home is not recommended because it is one of the most unexplored wild species of cats, and in the case of the disease it is difficult to cure.