Mascara and lashes

Eyes without mascara some women feel lackluster, so even paint the lashes, which differ by both size and color. However, with the mascara, they look more complete because it masks their unnatural and gives the impression of "their" eyelashes. Painting narushennoi beauty to the rules because of improper treatment, they deteriorate quickly and fall out.

Painted faux lashes look naturally under one condition – they must be of adequate size, and not to get to the eyebrows.

Before applying mascara to eyelashes, remember that for this approach, not every mascara. So, for use strictly prohibited waterproof mascara and the tool is oil-based, which will dissolve the glue that glued lashes, and also have a negative impact on their appearance. Thus, for makeup only use appropriate ink, which was created specifically for of your lashes. It does not contain oil and the main components of such carcasses take care of your eyelashes, prolonging their service life.

Paint faux lashes right

Apply mascara on lashes need in the usual way, but this should be done very carefully. Brush it is necessary to conduct so that the lashes are not overly stretched and not curved. Also do not apply too thick a coat of mascara, because then it will be harder to remove. Wash the mascara of your lashes, too, need the rules, as with natural lashes, you can remove it by any means, and in the case of artificial eyelashes, the method is not suitable.

Not suitable for removing mascara of your lashes with tonics, cosmetic milk, and other familiar tools.

To wash away the ink, it is best to use plain water, soaking in it a cotton swab and gently wiping the makeup from eyelashes. This method is fairly long, but safe for the extension of cilia, which will remain thick and beautiful. Those women who cannot dispense with the means for removing makeup, you can remove the ink with a soft tonic, which has no oil.

Advice from beauticians: to make lashes lasted for centuries as long as possible, it is not recommended to paint them every day because of the intense "processing" they will quickly begin to fall.