The most important condition is that the distance between the chandelier and the table to the last was sufficiently lighted, and that the chandelier should not interfere with the Diners to chat with each other, obstructing his face.

At what height should I hang a chandelier

The basic rule is that the distance between the lamp and the table was 75 – 90 cm, given that the height of the walls equal to 240 cm
Some designers suggest to increase the distance by 2 cm for each additional 10 cm of height of the walls. But other experts say that it's not necessary.

If your dining room ceiling is higher than usual, then the best recommendation would be to try to hang a chandelier at different heights. As soon as you will have to arrange a certain height, the chandelier may be attached on the ceiling.

Sometimes the style and size of the chandelier will also affect the height of the lighting. If the chandelier is large and complex in design, it makes sense to raise it 5 cm above. But at first take it to that height to test how well she looks.

Size of a chandelier for the dining room

Chandelier is the focal point in the dining room. It is therefore important to choose a chandelier that she looked good with the overall interior of the room was the right size.

There are no strict rules regarding the size of the lamps, but there are some recommendations following which you can pick up the size correctly.

First, the ratio of the diameter of the chandelier and the dining table below it should be 1 : 2 or 1 : 3. This means that the chandelier should be two or three times smaller than the diameter of the table. If the table is not round, it takes into account its width. One of the reasons for such conditions lies in the fact that people did not touch the heads for the chandelier, getting up from the table.

If a chandelier this size is impossible to find, better to take a lamp of a larger size. Such coverage is always possible to hang a little higher to avoid problems.

Another condition is the correct location of the chandeliers against the walls of the dining room. Not all areas are able to adhere to this rule. But if it is met, it is more secure. Distance from chandeliers to wall should not be less than 120 cm In the ideal distance from chandelier to any piece of furniture should be at least one.
Before you go for a chandelier in a store, measure the size of the table and the walls of the dining room.

Usually chandeliers are quite heavy. Especially overweight the lamps with the hanging crystals, although they give more light. Burning lamp causes the crystals to sparkle beautifully. If the weight of the chandelier is more than 6 kg, then the ceiling should first secure a special electrical box.