Why hair can become porous?

The definition of "porous hair" can be understood literally. When exposed to various aggressive factors is "raising" of the scales of the hair, and therefore formed the pores.
The owners of the hair should be minimize hot Curling, blow-drying, coloring dyes aggressive and frequent styling.

Open pores are able to absorb dust, dirt and various harmful substances. These components penetrate deep within the hair structure, causing them to fade, they fade, lose their luster and well-groomed appearance. Healthy hair must be supple, elastic, smooth, beautifully cast. The same porous look bland and lifeless.

To cause the formation of a kind of "holes" in the hair can unbalanced diet, which the body suffers protein deficiency. Also, the reason may be washing your hair with hard water.

Care for porous hair

Proper and thorough care for porous hair just need. First and foremost, they require treatment. Try to do without frequent drying with a Hairdryer, styling tongs and flat irons, as the exposure of hot surfaces and hot air increase the problem, resulting in excessive dryness and breakage.
Effective treatment for porous hair would be masks made on the basis of milk whey.

For treatment, you can use various balms and conditioners. They nourish hair with nutrients, will make its surface more smooth and elastic. If possible, use a professional restoring funds.

Haircut hair

If hair is severely and deeply damaged and exhausted dryers, perms and other procedures, have them cut to give it a neat look. Of course, I'm sorry to cut off long locks, but it's worth it, because from the root they will grow strong and healthy. If the owner of such hair does not want them hard to cut, only slightly shortened strands. In these cases, a suitable shearing speed, which reduces excessive volume and thickness of hair and help care for her.

There is a way to get a haircut hot scissors, which can come in very handy the owner of porous hair. Under the influence of different adverse factors, the hair ends are split and have to be cut off. Hot haircut "solders" are the tips, making them oval, as they should be from nature. In addition, you can use the service keratin hair straightening, which is offered in beauty salons.